Happy Sunday everyone! After essentially photobombing Instagram all day Friday with pics of my finished (beloved, stupendous) Cascade duffle coat, the zipper band ripped about an hour after wearing it. I’ve mended it but there is nothing quite like labouring over a project for weeks only to screw it up the first day you put it on.

Also… one last reminder to send me links/pics/hashtags of your Carolyn pajamas. I’m going to post our Pajama Party post sometime next week.

In other news, on the sewernet this week:


Debbie made the jumpsuit of my dreams. Seriously, I’ve had this silhouette on my dream brain board for the last year….

I’m obsessed with Brooklyn Tweed, even if I can’t seem to finish the sweater I started this fall. So when I say Melissa’s completed Ondawa on Neo Knits this week I shed 10 jealous tears and then kissed my computer screen.

Heather sent me a link to this Named kimono pattern at precisely the same minute I was mentally pinning it to my must make list.

Mainely Dad’s Hello Kitty shirt is just…. YES.


Some tips on improving your double-needle stitching from The Overflowing Stash.

So, Zo is investigating cool kids patterns and now I want babies to sew for. THANKS ZO.

My fella sent me this link to a photo essay on women workers in WWI. So badass. Made me think of Lucky Lucille


I loved Cheryl Strayed’s memoir Wild, but Tiny Beautiful Things, a collection of her advice columns from The Rumpus, is one of the most wise, loving and life affirming books out there. I’ve given it to a few friends going through rough times. So imagine my UTTER DELIGHT to discover she is now co-hosting a Dear Sugar advice podcast! It’s earnest and maybe a little sappy at times but I love listening to good advice.


Approximately 10 non-sewing friends sent me links this week to Pattern Behavior, a tumblr blog with hilarious captions for vintage sewing patterns. When a sewing meme goes mainstream, it’s gotta be good.


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