Oh, to be a guest at a Beatles pajama party! I clearly still have jammies on the brain. Sarai had the brilliant suggestion to use stretch fabric, so now I’m fantasizing about whipping up a pair of Carolyn Pajamas in navy rayon jersey with crisp white piping. I’m wondering if I should use a stretchy lingerie elastic for the piping – anyone have any suggestions? I’m not sure how a knit fabric would react to a non-stretch trim. In other news…


I love seeing what true vintage aficionados make. This knitted chalet sweater from By Gum By Golly is so period I think I time traveled looking at it.

The Cashmerette is the queen of knit wrap dresses, but she took it to the next level with this sheer striped number.

This Jungle January jumpsuit from the Fadanista made me bite my fist in longing.

I recently patched up all of the fella’s disintegrating denim (I also made him a pair of WAY too small jeans but that is another post altogether). I love the way denim looks when it’s been repaired. Some lovely mending over on Very Purple Person.

I started a new Archer this week. But my love for that pattern has got nothing on Kelly from Cut Cut Sew who made FIVE Archers in a row. Girlfriend is an Archer machine.

Faux fur is in the air. Another wicked coat from Kathy Sews.

Sasha did a crazy engineered yoke hack to her Ginger jeans. Seriously, these are awesome.


A history of silk pajamas!


If there was a direct flight to this village of foxes I would already be on it.

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