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Happy Sunday makers! This weekend has been split between putting the final touches on the new pattern (aaaaaalmost there!) and celebrating the upcoming nuptials of one of my lady pals. Rather than doing the typical girl drink drunk/naughty accessories/male stripper bachelorette, we painted our faces, wore flower crowns and performed a half serious/half gigglefest “ritual” in the park celebrating her transition to Sadie Sadie married lady, followed by lots of dancing and champagne, just in case you were wondering what was happening in my Instagram feed on Friday. In celebration, I made her a white lace “wedding bra” from Madalynne’s free pattern but forgot to get pictures of it. I need to make myself one at some point this summer.

In other news, this week was epically good in the sewing blog world. Peep this goodness:


I think a lot of us are obsessed with strappy dresses right now. Mokosha is killing it.

I just discovered the Sew Urbane blog and cannot get enough. This cobalt blue Isaac Mizrahi dress is the stuff of dreams.

Karen makes the prettiest pussy bow blouses.

So many good swimsuits this week! Hyer Handmade went galactic,  Casa Turtle refashioned a J. Crew Liberty print suit into a Watson bikini and Maison Fleur released a new pattern.

Morgan made a lovely summer wardrobe and prances around in a Western Canada meadow to show it off.

I love Taylor Tailor’s way with a bag.

By Gum By Golly made some of my favourite Gingers yet, higher waisted and with her typical vintage touch.


I’ve been anxiously awaiting the launch of the new Nintendo game Yoshi’s Woolly World for almost a year (THIS WEEK!!!!) Here is a brief history of yarn video games.


I loved hearing what Christine Haynes had to say about taking a break from sewing to refresh and recharge. Now I just need to schedule a month in Paris….

I keep meaning to write a Work Boss post about email. In the meantime, here is some wisdom on just chilling out about your inbox.


An interesting read about the value of a woman’s wardrobe in today’s world…

Organic cotton was trending this month. I found this post from Alabama Chanin on their supply chain really interesting. And some insight into what organic cotton actually means from So Zo.

I just finished one of the best novels I’ve read in maybe years… All The Light You Cannot See by Anthony Doer made me want to stay up all night reading AND savor for as long as possible. Gorgeous prose, a blind French girl and a reluctant German child soldier, Debussy and miniature cities, a WWII setting. Basically made a in a lab specifically for my tastes.


This song is really beautiful.



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