This Week in Sewing Blogs // VOL. 126


It’s been a very difficult and emotional week for many of us, and I have been really struggling with how to talk about it. My business is not a soap box (and I have no intention of that changing), but there is still a real person with strong principles at the helm, and I am occasionally at a loss as to how to reconcile the two. I guess I will leave it at this; in this confusing period of our history, I hope that we can continue to speak to each other with the respect and kindness we did before politics dominated our lives, social media feeds and hearts. I am used to a certain type of positive discourse in our community, and I sincerely wish that doesn’t change, even if we may think about the world a little (or a lot) differently. We are doomed if we can’t listen to each other, or hear opposing views without blowing a gasket.

Moving on, I have found sewing to be incredibly soothing this week, as always. I dragged out a half-finished quilt I started last year and decided to use it to teach myself free motion quilting. It’s a little Hot Mess-y in certain areas, and I’m not entirely in love with the fabric selection I made, but boy oh boy does it feel good to release those feed dogs and just go to town on some fabric when you’re feeling anxious.

Here is what you’ve been sharing this week.


I bought the Toaster Sweater last week because I’ve been seeing so many fab versions; here are a couple great ones from Fiona.

Really feeling the 80s Madonna vibes of this suit/bustier combo from Sew Nip Tuck.

A perfect boucle moto jacket from Allie J.

The print matching on Sonja’s Farrow dress makes my head hurt.

Karen’s brocade jacket is aces.

Tasha’s incredible all handmade outfit (and spectacular photographic background) gave me life this week.

I’ve been swooning over Ebony Tees all week on Instagram. Gillian already blogged a few and they are perfect.


I stumbled on this INCREDIBLE bra set this week from Emerald Erin. Seriously awe inspiring.

How fun is this neon lace set from Novita?

A new strapless bra pattern from Norma at Orange Lingerie! This could be game changing.


All the yesses for Michelle Wang’s new Brooklyn Tweed capsule collection. Snoqualmie, I WILL FINISH YOU.

How those pink hats happened.

I’ve never done colour work before, but this gorgeous pattern I saw on Fringe Association MUST BE MADE.

Love this knitted sweater and bag combo from Vivat Veritas.

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