26 Jul 2014 • • by Heather Lou

Vintage Pattern Love and Giveaway

vintage 40's patterns from CLoset Case Files

Happy weekend everyone. I am currently writing this post from my newly redecorated, sun-filled studio with a cup of tea. I love this space so much. I’ll be sharing more information about it in the coming weeks, but suffice it to say, having a dedicated, functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace does so much for your sense of well being.

Other things that are good for your well being? Meet-ups with other sewists! After my very last day of work I met up with Vicki, Caroline and a few other Montreal based sewing devotees. It felt incredibly apropos to start my new life in their company. Vicki managed to talk me into going to New York in a few weeks to see Lauren (if “talking into” means inviting myself along because that is precisely what happened). I think we will be having some sort of Friday afternoon Mood/park hang if anyone wants to join us on August 15th, but I will share more info as I have it.

As for the reason for this post? At the aforementioned Montreal meet-up, one of the ladies present worked at a thrift store. When I was a teenager this was my number one most desired job because I had non-stop fantasies about all the treasures I would score if I didn’t have to dig through the picked-over merch like all the other scavengers. Sadly, my small town’s St. Vincent de Paul only operated with volunteers, which is how I ended up getting paid minimum wage to bake bannock bread in a pioneer costume at a 19th century homestead, while secretly in love with the re-enactor who played the blacksmith, but that is a WHOLE OTHER STORY.

Ahem. So as I suspected, working in a thrift store really is the best way to score the good stuff, because Renée showed up with bags and bags of vintage patterns she scores before anyone else can buy them to like, decoupage furniture with, or whatever it is people who don’t sew use patterns for (shudder). I got to the party after everyone had already made their choices, but to my delight, there were still a few beauties left, dating back to the 1940’s.

vintage 40's patterns from CLoset Case Files-2

I can’t even. They looked so good on my newly whitewashed cutting table I almost cried. I decided to hang on to two of them:

vintage 40's patterns from CLoset Case Files-4

Which means I have three to giveaway! We have a classic WWII era skirt suit, a buttoned dress with scallop details, and a little boy’s onesie and shorts pattern:

vintage 40's patterns from CLoset Case Files-3

The women’s patterns are a size 18, with a bust of 36″. If you would like to channel my favourite 40’s gal Lucky Lucille, or even just add these to your vintage collection, leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I’ll randomly select a winner next week.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your weekend my friends!

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