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It’s been pretty dramatic in the studio this week. On Friday my hard drive basically combusted (I swear I saw smoke coming out of my Macbook) and the last few days have revolved around a frantic series of visits to the Apple Genius Bar, in an anxious emotional stew of hope, fear, and despair. Thankfully I managed to recover all my data but I learned a valuable lesson about cloud storage. As in, spring for the annual fee to Dropbox so this never happens again. So, apologies for the absence of my weekly Sunday wrap up, but I’m back in business with a project I’ve been meaning to share for a little while.

Meet the Turia Dungarees by Pauline Alice! I liked this pattern a lot when I first saw it on Top Notch, but my brain basically exploded with Osh Gosh possibility when I saw this slightly sexed up version by Fruits Flowers Clouds (Sasha Fierce, indeed). While I am utterly in love with Sasha’s slimmer version (and fully intend to shamelessly copy her pattern modifications), I decided to make a straight up muslin first, not only to check out the fit as drafted, but also because I was kind of into the casual, relaxed vibe of Turia as is.

Turia Dungarees Pauline AliceTuria Dungarees Pauline AliceTuria Dungarees Pauline Alice

I made a straight size 44 with no modifications using a stretch cotton twill I found in one of the discount fabric shops on St. Hubert. The front, especially around the crotch, is quite roomy, not unlike the overalls I remember wearing in the 90’s. I get some pull lines around the crotch depending on how I’m standing, but it could also be that the straps are just a little too tight. The butt is thankfully not baggy, but I switched out the tiny back pockets in lieu of my Ginger Jeans standbys; my butt eats tiny back pockets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I quite like the fit and length of the leg; it feels good to wear something a little loose after a winter of living in skinny jeans and leggings.

I really enjoyed making these; if you’ve had fun sewing jeans before, you’ll be happy to translate all those techniques to this pattern. My biggest issue was the finishing of the actual bib. The instructions call for you to fold over the raw edge and topstitch it down, but next time I’ll be using bias tape for a cleaner finish inside. I also had a hard time getting my flat fell seam at the front bib to transition to the folded seam on either side, but again, I think using bias tape here would resolve the issue. I only installed a zipper on one side, but these fit loose enough in the waist that I can slide them off and on without a problem.

Turia Dungarees Pauline Alice

I plan on making substantial fit adjustments for my next pair. I’m going to go for a closer fit, so I’m thinking about hacking the Carolyn pajama pants with the Turia bib and straps rather than making a ton of pattern mods to the existing draft. I will also be curving the center back to fit more closely along my spine and may add a waistband like Sasha did for hers. I’d like to use some of my heavier weight Cone stash and finally play around with distressing some denim.

Turia Dungarees Pauline AliceTuria Dungarees Pauline Alice

I’m also hoping to make the shorts variation without too many pattern modifications since I think they would be a simple, easy thing to throw on this summer with a croptop and some Birkenstocks. Because apparently (despite my initial hoots, jeers and reservations) the 90’s revival is infiltrating my soul. Oh nostalgia!

What about you guys? Has anyone else made this pattern? Are you into the overalls revival or does it just give you phantom wedgies and TLC flashbacks?

Details: Turia Dungarees in stretch twill, white rayon blouse from Uniqlo, Steve Madden ankle boots, Mac “Good to Go” lipstick

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