12 Jan 2024 • • by Amy

Tips for Restocking Your Sewing Space


We love any opportunity to get our sewjo back in business but the beginning of a new year really feels like the right time to get our ducks in a row. From taking care of our most valuable tools with a little annual maintenance to our shopping list for staple notions we are giving you our top eight tips for getting your sewing space up to snuff so you can just tackle the fun stuff (aka the actual sewing.) Let's put on some motivational music, get out the cleaning supplies and get ready for a fresh start!

1. Clean Your Sewing Machine

Numero uno on the list is the one you have probably been waiting on as long as we have... cleaning the old machine. We have a blog post with a few tips for tackling this beast. Bottom line, a vacuum, some oil and a rethread will go a long way to improving your machine's life as well as your sewing experience. Just do it.

2. Sharpen Your Shears

If you have a nice set of shears, you need to do this about once a year. Find someone in your area who does a nice job (bonus points if they can also do your kitchen knives at the same time) or try the DIY route with this lil' gadget.

3. Change Out Your Rotary Blades

Oh, you think you have a sharp blade. Until you change it. It's kind of shocking what a difference this can make. These ones are our fav.

4. Freshen Your Needle Supply

Another huge difference maker, stock up on fresh needles and you'll always have the right one on hand. We recommend getting a variety: universal, heavy-duty and some designed for knits are a good place to start. We have some tips for organizing your supply in this blog post from when Marie Kondo took over our brains and reorganized the way we organize everything.

5. Clean Your Iron

Cleaning your iron is a good way to optimize its performance and ensure it doesn't stain any precious fabric. We have a blog post here on how to do that here. If you want to make a new ironing board cover to go along with your clean iron, we have a tutorial on how to do that here.

6. Replace Pins

What better time than the new year to throw out any bent or dull old pins and get yourself a fresh supply. We love these flower head pins for heavy fabrics. They are easy to see and pull out as you're sewing. These glass head pins are especially nice for fine fabrics as they don't leave holes.

7. Organize Your Stash

It's always a good idea to clean out your fabric storage and reevaluate. Not only does this allow you to check that no dreaded moths have made it into the dark corners but it helps to remind yourself what you have languishing in the stash that you may have forgotten. We like to pull everything out, refold and donate things that we'll likely not find a project for. Chances are this step will lead to our final step...

8. Plan Your Makes!

Now that your space is stocked, clean and ready to sew, take some time to figure out your next few projects! Maybe something came out of the stash, or there is a new pattern release you're excited about, jot down notes, make a mood board or play with our paper dolls! Download the tech flats for any Closet Core Patterns, print and colour away. Being thoughtful about what things are needed in your closet ensures your new make will get worn right away.

Feeling ready to tackle your space? Let us know in the comments which are your top tips for getting your sewjo fired up and ready to go!

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