This Week in Sewing Blogs // VOL. 71

Wool and the Gang kit // This week in Sewing Blogs vol. 71 // Closet Core Patterns

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! I’ve been catching up with friends and knitting up an absolute storm. I treated myself to some Wool and the Gang on Cyber Monday and it’s already arrived so I’ve started working on an olive green James jacket. I’m thisclose to finishing my Cross Country Coat but ran out of yarn; thankfully one of you lovelies had a little extra on instagram so we traded for a pattern and I’m hoping to finish it next week.

I’m going to be travelling over the holidays and was thinking about starting my first pair of socks since it’s a easy project to bring on the road. Any suggestions for easy-ish patterns? My friend swears by Addi Turbo Rockets for fast sock knitting, but I can’t wrap my head around using circular needles instead of the standard 4. Any opinions on this matter? Tell me your secrets, sock makers!


This navy lace dress from Vivat Veritas is dreamy.

Smitten with the fabric of Bobbin & Baste’s lovely sheath dress.

Rawr! A smokin’ animal print wrap dress from Idle Fancy.

Suddenly feel the need for a floor length sequin skirt after seeing Maddie’s take on it.

A breathtaking velvet dress from Lily Sage & Co.

I need to make a bag! Love this Retro Rucksack from Sew DIY, and Nettie’s Desmond Roll Top backpack.

Big Yes to Suzy B’s Moto Chic jacket.

A pretty, flirty dress from Tea Okereke.

This plaid cape from So, Zo is autumnal perfection.


Some great handsewing tricks from Threads magazine – Burt’s Bees lip balm as a thread conditioner!

Free historical costume patterns!


A new mini-series is coming out about French haute couture in the post-war years. IT’S LIKE THEY READ OUR MINDS.

Do you also carry a major torch for the dreamboat that is Nick Offerman? I suspect you’ll enjoy this forty five minute video of him drinking whiskey by a fire.

Now this is how you do a pin-up calender; Annie Leibowitz photographs amazing women like Amy Schumer, Patti Smith, Serena Williams and Tavi Gevinson for the annual Pirelli Calender.


One of the great tragedies of our time is the lack of a sewing related emoji. Sign this petition from Carmencita B and tell those emoji makers we demand change.


Major feels from this beautiful love lost / love found story in the New York Times.


I just discovered the greatest consignment of all time. Seriously. If you like spicy stuff, throw out your Sriracha and start putting Spicy Chili Crisp on everything. I’ve gone through a whole jar in less than a week. Crazy delicious on rice with a fried egg or two.

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