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The Ultimate List of Online Fabric Stores in 2022!

Online Fabric store

There once was a time when you had to truck it down to your local brick and mortar or big-box fabric store to stock up on textiles for your beautiful sewing projects but no more! There has never been a better time to shop for fabrics online, and we've happily assembled this list of online fabric stores so you can browse from the comfort of your own home.

This list is organized by country and state/region if it has a physical store. We have only included stores that have an online shop since it seems unfair to show you fabric you can't have in your hot little hands in at least a couple weeks, and while there are sooooooo many adorable quilting shops all over this continent, for the sake of sanity we only included shops that carry garment fabric. And of course, we can't help but mention our sister brand fabric store, Core Fabrics! Based in Canada and shipping internationally (we use USPS to ship super fast to US customers), CF carries a wide range of ethically and sustainably sourced fabrics in modern prints, colours, and finishes.

Sustainable fabrics from Core Fabrics | Where to Buy Fabric Online

Without further ado, grab a hot beverage, snuggle in, and get ready to swoon. All we ask is that if you have a little secret spot where you find your gems, please share in the comments.

Online= O Physical= P


Core Fabrics- Your one-stop shop for high quality, sustainable garment fabrics - our sister brand! (Quebec, O)

Spool of Thread- Scuba! prints, cottons for quilting (British Columbia, O/P)

Blackbird Fabrics- Kits, denim, large selection (British Columbia, O)

Sitka Fabrics- Sweatshirt fabrics, cottons, fleece (British Columbia, O)

Fridays Off- Essex linen, cute prints, scrap packs (O)

Fabrications Ottawa- Notions, patterns, organic fabrics (Ontario, O/P)

Mulberry & MacNab- Chambray, double gauze, small but pretty selection (O)

The Fabric Snob- Bamboo, performance fabrics, machines (Manitoba, O/P)

Thread Count Fabrics- Linen, faux fur, jersey (Manitoba, O/P)

Water Tower Textiles- French terry, poly fleece, sweater knits (Ontario, O/P)

The Workroom - Notions, tools, yarn (Ontario, O/P)

Fabric Crush- Jerseys, notions, twills (Ontario, O/P)

Sultan's Fine Fabrics- Suiting, coating, dressmaking (Ontario, O/P)

Mimifabrics- Denim, swimwear, bolt ends (Ontario, O)

L'Oiseau Fabrics- Stretch corduroy, outerwear fabrics, knits (O)

Needlework- Designer fabrics, organized by theme for quilting (Ontario, O/P)

Earth Indigo- Sustainable, specialty batiks, hand dyed (Ontario, O)

Spool and Spindle- Lace, large selection, denim (Ontario, O/P)

Weave & Woven- Huge quilting cotton selection, apparel (Ontario, O)

Club Tissus - Large selection of quilting cottons, apparel and upholstery (Quebec, O/P)

Couture et Compagnie- Knits, prints, fashion fabric, French only (Quebec, O/P)

Simplifi Fabric Inc.- Organic, bio, alternative sustainable (US and Canadian shop, O)

Fabric Fabric- Giant selection, sales, costume fabrics (O)

Matchpoint Fabric- Deadstock, vintage, sustainable (O)

Fringe Fabrics- Notions, knits, tools (O)

Patch Halifax- Waxed outerwear fabrics, wool (Nova Scotia, O/P)

Five Arrows-  Denim, fine fabrics, modern (Prince Edward Island, O/P)

Bibs and Boots Fabric- Privately owned knit fabric store, offering mostly euro knits and custom knits (Saskatchewan, O)

US Fabric Stores

Emma One Sock- Designer fabrics, sales, denim (O)

APC Fabrics- Sustainable apparel fabrics, bamboo, Tencel and Modal. (O)

Loom and Stars- Handwoven, hand dyed fabrics imported ethically from India. (O)

Hell Gate Fabrics- Small collection of wax prints, soy fabrics, knits (O)

House of Mamiwata- African print textiles (O)

Stylish Fabric- Neoprene, novelty fabrics, large selection (O)

Sugared Sage Fabrics- American milled cotton! (O)

Fabrics Store- Linen, linen, linen (O)

Fabric Mart- Designer fabrics, clearance, huge selection (O)

Gather Here- Yarn, tools, and craft fabrics (O/P)

Fashion Fabrics Club- Warehouse, bridal, by the bolt (O)

Organic Cotton Plus- Hemp, organic silk, cottons (duh) (O)

La Mercerie- Interesting selection of knits, wovens and yarns (O)

Boho Fabrics- Stretch, scuba, sales (O)

Surge Fabric Shop- Scuba, ponte, quilted knit (O)

Imagine Gnats- Swimwear, denim, sweater knits (O)

So Sew English Fabrics- Remnants, bundle deals, knits (O)

Navya Fabric- Indian block print cottons (O)

Style Maker Fabrics- Boucle, suede, denim (O)

Marcy Tilton Designer Fabrics- Denim, Japanese shirting, embroidered (O)

Pendleton Woolen Mill Store- Largest selection of Pendleton wool (O)

D&H Fabrics- Rib knits, coatings, remnants (O)

Threadbare Fabrics- Denim, kits, knits (O)

Michael Levine Fabrics- African cottons, active wear, bridal (CA, O/P)

Fishman's Fabrics- Suitings, leather, stretch wool (IL, O/P)

Britex Fabric- Designer, silk satins, stretch wool (CA, O/P)

Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics- Well organized linen, silk, wool (CA, O/P)

Fabricworm- Cute kids fabrics, flannel, fleece (CA, O/P)

Hart's Fabric- Silk, Tencel, Ikat, tulle (CA, O/P)

Promenade Fine Fabrics- Silk, wool, designer (LA, O/P)

Gorgeous Fabrics- Wool, linen, double knits (O)

Finch Fabrics- Fashion wovens, end of bolt, designer knits (CA, O/P)

B. Black and Sons- Suiting, wool, tartans (CA, O/P)

Drygoods Design- Curated selection of designer modern fabrics (WA, O/P)

Stitches Seattle- Corduroy, cottons, rib knits (WA, O/P)

District Fabric- Rayons, silks, wool (WA, O/P)

L'Etoffe Fabrics- Organics, knits, stretch twill (OR, O/P)

Bolt Fabric Boutique- Shirting, cottons, Japanese imports (OR, O/P)

Fiddlehead Artisan Supply- Silk Dupioni, velvet, Liberty prints (ME, O/P)

Fancy Tiger Crafts- Fabrics, notions, kits, yarn (CO, O/P)

The Confident Stitch- Wool, rayon, linen (MT, O/P)

Brooklyn Craft Company- Denim, prints, notions (NY, O/P)

B&J Fabric - high end options, designer wools (NY, O/P)

F&F Fabrics - lots of wool and high end tweeds (NY, O/P)

Vogue Fabrics- Costuming, seasonal swatch catalogue, designer fabrics (IL, O/P)

Denver Fabrics- Huge selection, discount section, dance wear (O)

Elliot Berman - lots of high end wools, some unusual options (NY, O/P)

Mendel Goldberg Fabrics- Couture, brocade, lace (NY, O/P)

Mood Fabrics- Everything, it's Mood. (NY, O/P)

Oak Fabrics- Kits, French Terry, coating (IL, O/P)

Loom Exquisite Textiles- Huge selection, faux fur, oilcloth/outdoor fabrics (PA, O/P by appt.)

Lakes Makerie- Flannel, chambray, denim (MN, O/P)

Bolt and Spool- Fur, linen, vintage toweling (OH, O/P)

Craft South- Towelling, oil cloth, beautiful print selection (TN, O/P)

TopStitch Lounge- Laminated, block prints, wool suiting (GA, O/P)

Measure Fabrics- Sweater knits, dyeable, silks (GA, O/P)


Maai Design-  Prints, linen, haberdashery (New South Wales, O)

Pitt Trading- Linen, bra making supplies, notions (O)

House of Cloth -Prints, yarns, machines (Victoria, O/P)

Crossgrain Fabrics- Linens, cottons, special prints (O)

Tessuti Fabrics- Wool, silk, linen, huge selection (Several Locations, O/P)

Woven Stories- Ethically sources global textiles, Ikat, Shibori (Perth, O/ P, Limited times)

The Drapery- Beautiful linens, cottons high quality (South Adelaide, O/P)

Potter & Co- Linens, cottons, cupro (Perth, O/P)

Fibresmith- Japanese textiles, yarn, patterns (Victoria, O/P)


Atelier Moondust- Fabrics, patterns, sale section (Brussels, O/P)

CTC Textile- Yarn, craft supplies, notions, fabric (O)

Fairy Tailors- Jersey, wool, quilting fabrics (Tervuren, O/P)


MeterMeter- Tencel, sustainable fabrics, cashmere (Aarhus, O/P)


Cousette- Large selection, Liberty prints (O)

Pretty Mercerie- Huge selection, French only (O)


Miss Matatabi- Beautifully curated selection of Japanese fabrics, Nani Iro (O)


Miss Maude Fabric- Denim, silks, organics (O)

Drapers Fabrics- Selvage denim, Merino wool, knits (Aukland, O/P)

The Fabric Store- Linens, Merino wool, specialty prints (Several locations, O/P)


Tissu & Co- Careful selection of printed jersey, viscose and dressmaking fabrics (O)


Cotton Reel Studio- Barkcloth, denim kits, corduroy (O)

Backstitch- Denim, sweat shirting, suiting (Cambridge, O/P)

Like Sew Amazing- Peachskin, wool, remnants (Bristol, O/P)

Sew Me Sunshine- Denim, cupro, jersey (O)

The Cloth House- Linen, wool, silk (London, O/P)

FabWorks- Suiting, jersey, shirting (West Yorkshire, O/P)

Sister Mintaka- Tencel, well curated, modern (O)

On Trend Fabrics- Chiffon, georgette, coating (O)

Sew Over It- Rayon, stretch cotton, chiffon (London, O/P)

Guthrie and Ghani- Prints, patterns, notions (Birmingham, O/P)

Libby's Fabric- Rip stop, tartans, oil cloth (O)

The Splendid Stitch-  Viscose, suiting, tartans made in England (O)

The Fabric Godmother- Ramie, Sequins, Scuba (O)

Ray Stitch- Huge selection of wools, trims, buttons (London, O/P)

Merchant and Mills- Linens, wool and denim (East Sussex, O/P)

Bloomsbury Square Fabrics- Wool, cottons, fancies (O)

Faberwood- Curated designer fabrics, organic, prints (O)

The Eternal Maker- Essex linen, notions, yarn (Chichester, O/P)

Just Sew- Crushed velvet, suitings, boiled wool (Cumbria, O/P)

Stone Fabrics- Wool, boucle, silk (Devon, O/P)

So, what do you think? Is your favourite source on the list? If not, please share below! We promise not to buy all the linen (maybe.)

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