The Blanca Flight Suit Tester Round-Up!

Thank for the enthusiastic response to our Blanca Flight Suit! We are all a bit obsessed at the moment (Amy has made three and I’m planning my fourth) and I think you’ll find it will quickly become an obsession for you too. Fun to sew, mega fun to wear… what else do you need? Because of quarantine restrictions, we didn’t feel it was safe to go forward with our typical photoshoot, despite having already done fittings and making most of the samples we needed on models in both size ranges. For the first time in years I modeled the pattern, which felt kind of weird and also weirdly appropriate since I’m working from home again and right now it feels like running this business has turned into a time warp back to 2015. We’re hoping to reshoot images on our model in the extended range as soon as possible. In the meantime, we thought we’d share some of the tester photos at our disposal. We use these primarily to assess fit issues, but since these testers gave us permission to share we thought it would be an opportunity to see what this pattern looks like on a variety of figures.

We made a few tweaks to the pattern after testing, adjusting the sleeves, shoulder length etc. I was especially pleased with how this pattern looked in our extended range; we added darts to the bust and back waist so it’s got a bit more shaping than the 0-20 range. Without further ado, here are some of our testers – it’s so fun to see how everyone interprets things like details and fabric choice – they all look so different! Keep in mind that this is generally the fit straight out of the package before we made final adjustments, and some people may need to make some fitting changes based on their needs – more on how to do that in our fitting post next week!

Katie // Michelle

Claire // Amanda

Definitely go check out Claires’s great post on this project! She talked quite a bit about some of the fitting changes she made.

Kallie // Sue

Sue also wrote a more in-depth blog post!

Kristin // Sara

Lorene // Emily

Britney // Amy

Another blog post from Amy!

Esther // Jalia

Christine // Erica

Jessica // Megan

Ambika // Sarah

Sierra // Tessa

Jaya // Jennifer

Theresa // Tiffany

Lauren // Kyra

Phew! So many great makes, and as always, a huge thank you to our testers!

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