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The Best Free Potholder Pattern!


It’s not like there is a lack of potholder patterns out there in the universe. BUT, we have been making things out of these gorgeous pre-quilted cottons from Core Fabrics (more on that later…) and the scraps were just too cute to throw away! While you could certainly make these easy DIY potholders out of just about any cotton scraps and quilt batting we thought we would show you what we are doing for a quick gift this year with just 1/2 yard of this pretty fabric.

Batch these in an afternoon and have your gift-giving sorted. Aunt Susan? She needs one. Kid’s teacher? He needs one. Grouchy neighbour, who shovels your driveway too? Maybe more than anyone, they need one.  Download the pattern by signing up for our newsletter. Or if you’re already a member, go print that out and meet me back down below.

Fabric Options

These super easy quilted potholders are a great little stash buster, and use these pre-quilted cotton from Core Fabrics to save you a few steps and create a beautiful gift no one will ever guess only took you a few hours! You could also use any cotton, denim or canvas fabrics. You just don’t want things with plastic in them (polyester, nylon etc.) as you don’t want them to melt! We also used a layer of bamboo batting (also available at Core Fabrics) between two layers of the lower sandwich. If you want to check the integrity of your fabric I suggest testing it. I put a cast iron pan in the oven at 350* till it was really hot and then CAREFULLY tried my fabric sandwich on the handle. As long as I could comfortably get it out of the oven and onto the stovetop, I figured this was serviceable. If you are using thinner fabric you can also buy this heat-resistant, metal-backed fabric online. While you could certainly make matching bias tape with our tutorial here, you could also make your life easy and grab some pre-made double-fold bias tape (1/2″).

You will need: 

  • The PDF pattern printed out (accessed through the box above; remember you have to be signed up to our newsletter to get access to the Sewing Resource Library, the password can be found in the footer of every email we send out.)
  • 1/4 yard-1/2 yard of the outer fabric. We recommend canvas, twill, denim or quilting cotton
  • 1/4 yard-1/2 yard of quilt batting 
  • 1-2 yards of 1/2″ bias tape, handmade or storebought 
  • Thread
  • Wonder clips

Getting Started

First things first, you need to cut out your pieces. We made ours with two layers of the pre-quilted cottons, and one layer of bamboo batting. For the top, pocket piece we used one layer of the pre-quilted.

Next, since these have a tendency to fray and also to make the bias tape easier to install, serge around your square sandwich.

Unfold your bias tape and sew along the first fold line, aligning the raw edge to the long edge of the triangular top pocket piece.

Fold the bias tape over the raw edge and sew on the other side to secure the bias tape. If you would rather sew your second pass as topstitching, install the bias tape on the wrong side of the fabric the first time. If you’re feeling brave, you can also fold the bias tape over the raw edge and sew the whole thing only once from the right side, ensuring you’re catching the other edge of the bias tape underneath.

Next, lay the triangle piece on top of your square sandwich and either serge or stitch at 3/8″ to secure the layers together.

To make a hook for hanging, sew a piece of bias tape closed at the raw edge and form a loop. Stitch the loop into the corner of the potholder that is the point of the triangle as above.

Now it’s time to install the rest of our bias tape! Starting wherever you like, install the first pass of bias tape all the way around the square and press.

As before, fold the bias tape and secure it on the other side. You can also do this pass by hand for a totally seamless finish and a little more control. Or finish as you did above. Fold the end of the bias tape wrong sides together and fold over the beginning of your stitching to finish it neatly.

Now, go forth and make a million of these cuties, who doesn’t need a new potholder??

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