19 Feb 2019 • • by Heather Lou

The Bathrobe of Dreams: Lahja Dressing Gown with Robert Kaufman Taos Flannel

Lahja Dressing Gown in Robert Kaufman Taoers flannel-4

This here is my second entry in the "flannel will save your life" category of winter sewing and it couldn't have come at a more crucial time. Up until now, I have cycled through a summer robe (this gorgeous kimono-inspired number I pull out when the temperatures are high) and a winter robe, an old, thrifted and threadbare thing I absolutely hated to wear. It was desperately time to add a new addition into the mix.

Meet the Lahja Dressing Gown from Named patterns. She and I have become mighty good friends.

I don't think I can wax more poetically about the fabric I chose for this project. I wanted something super thick and cozy, and this Taos flannel (supplied to us by Robert Kaufman) is actual, literal #dreams.  If you're looking to score some yourself (and I would highly suggest you do so), it's available here at fabric.com. The print and colourways are already over the top beautiful, but when it arrived I discovered it was DOUBLE SIDED, making the cutting part actually fun (anyone else procrastinate cutting out projects as much as I do?)

Normally I power through the cutting phase, but for this project I took my sweet, luxurious time.  Since this such a simple shape, I wanted to make the details pop as much as I could. This meant cutting the band, pockets and tie using the opposite side of the fabric, and I love the contrast between the two.

The pattern itself could not have been easier to assemble. I've had my eye on Lahja for a while and it didn't disappoint. I love the big, roomy pockets and the length of the sleeve. Not quite wrist length, I find them easier to wear when you're washing your face or doing the dishes. My old robe has really long sleeves which were constantly getting wet... the opposite of cozy.

The fabric is sooooo soft and soooooo warm and when I wake up every morning at 7am, it's basically the only thing between me and crawling back into bed. I think I sewed the pockets a touch low, but other than that is dressing gown perfection and am hoping to whip up one in linen this spring. I also think it would make a killer gift for someone deserving in your life.

Also it's good for snuggling.

Do you have a favourite robe pattern? I still think about this robe of Kelli's all the time...

Details: Lahja Dressing Gown from Named Patterns, Taos Flannel supplied by Robert Kaufman

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