Surviving Winter: Layering for Warmth

Winter Outfits // Winter Layering // Closet Core Patterns

Hi all, Amy here. Thus far in Montreal, 2019 has been, in a word, cold. Heather showed you how to make the warmest coat ever last week on the blog, but what happens when you have to take off your coat and you’re STILL COLD?! Enter: layers.

We have been brainstorming ways to stretch our Closet Core me mades into the 5th season (deep winter) and in an effort to not just throw a bunch of RTW at you makers we also included some beautiful knitting patterns! If you too are in a cold place at the moment, good luck! Never underestimate the importance of natural fabrics! Now let’s look at some outfits (all of which can easily be completed with a final layer of our Clare Coat or Kelly Anorak)…


Winter Outfits // Winter Layering // Closet Core Patterns
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Nothing says winter like a caftan! Just kidding. But when layered with leggings, a turtleneck and a cute cropped sweater our Charlie Caftan becomes a dress-for-success-layer. Maybe you’ll catch just a whiff of sunscreen that will get you through the rest of the day!


Winter Outfits // Winter Layering // Closet Core Patterns
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //6

I used our Jenny Overalls pattern to make shorteralls in dark denim and have worn them several times over the winter with tights and boots. There is something so flirty about breaking up the leg in this way and I love using all the pockets in my bib for maximum utility.


Winter Outfits // Winter Layering // Closet Core Patterns
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

This might need another leg layer if you are in the subarctic like we are. But if you are cruising at mild winter temperatures, our Kalle Shirtdress with this little sweater and a knee sock is maybe all you need. I am vicariously buying those boots in my mind by doing this spread. They are so good.


Winter Outfits // Winter Layering // Closet Core Patterns
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I called this look “ballet farmer” in my head and now I can’t erase it. When I was a dancer I had a couple of those wrap sweaters for warm-up but more than once they made it out of the dance studio into my regular looks. Of course, what goes better with a ballet sweater than Nettie bodysuit?! With Morgan Jeans this would also be a perfect look for ice skating or (more realistically) getting groceries. You should probably twirl just a little bit though.


Winter Outfits // Winter Layering // Closet Core Patterns
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Last but not least is our  Sallie jumpsuit layered with a turtleneck and cozy cardy: knit comfort to the max! The Amy jumpsuit could also be morphed super easily into a winter look with the edition of a silk undershirt (so much warmer!) and a few knit pieces. Sidenote: I love this sky scarf so much. The idea is that you knit a different stripe each day to match the colour of the sky where you are. I can’t wait to make one, although I’m not sure I can wait a whole year. I might have to fast-forward time-lapse that sucker, my neck is cold!!

Hope you were inspired to take a look at your closet with fresh eyes. We’re gonna get through this winter together y’all. Happy layering!

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