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Styling Inspiration for the Jasika Blazer

Jasika Blazer Pattern by Closet Core Patterns

Hey guys, Amy here! We have been all blazers all the time for a while prepping for the launch of the Jasika Blazer pattern, but just when I think I've seen all the ways you could possibly wear a tailored jacket, there is a little tweak, a new colour or a styling trick that gives us fresh ideas. We thought we would share with you some of our favourite Pinterest inspiration with you today; that board has been getting thicker and thicker over the last year and hopefully this will get you inspired about adding this versatile piece to your wardrobe. Let's get pinning!


How to Style a Formal or Evening Blazer // Blazer outfits ideas for Jasika Blazer from Closet Core Patterns
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In 1966, when YSL unleashed Le Smoking the world was ready for a change. Women were being liberated in more ways than one, and what better way to claim their independence than taking over the power of tuxedo dressing? (With a twist of course.) Flash forward to 2019 at the Oscars, we saw a lot more ladies than usual rocking a suit. Is it time for another female liberation? Evening doesn't need to be only for gowns and tight dresses. Claim your power in a perfectly cut suit (perhaps paired with our Sasha Trousers?) or style your blazer with a slip dress a la Carrie Bradshaw. So inspired!


How to Style a Casual Blazer // Blazer outfits ideas for Jasika Blazer from Closet Core Patterns
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Fashion week in NY was ALL about blazers styled in unconventional ways this year. Belts and fanny packs on top, hoodies underneath... I didn't even pick the kooky ones for this! That said, you don't have to go this far to stand out in a crowd. For this look, we are trying out ways to make the suit jacket your style. So often we feel intimidated by pieces in our closet that we deem too formal to wear every day. WHY?! It's just a jacket. Throw a dress underneath it, a belt on top; consider your blazer just another layer and just watch those heads turn. Where did she get all that style???


How to Style a Casual Blazer // Blazer outfits ideas for Jasika Blazer from Closet Core Patterns
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The principle at work here is much the same as above but with even less... trying. Sneakers, ripped jeans, well-worn t-shirts; you are really wearing your comfiest, laziest, errand running clothes, but you know, with a blazer. Any time you would normally reach for a jean jacket, instead throw on a perfectly tailored blazer. But like, NO BIG DEAL. Now muss up your hair, put on some sunglasses and head to the grocery store. THERE IS NO COOLER LOOK.


How to Style a Colourful suit // Blazer outfits ideas for Jasika Blazer from Closet Core Patterns
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Mark my words, 2019 is the year of the colorful suit. Now that's all fine and good if you are a millionaire celebrity with a stylist and money to burn. You can wear a floral Gucci suit once and then throw it in the archives. The traditional wisdom goes that if you are investing in a tailored suit you should go with a traditional color (black, navy, grey) for maximum use and timelessness. But, my friend, YOU are a sewist. You must not heed this conventional wisdom, for you can have ALL of the suits because YOU CAN SEW THEM. Treat yourself this season to a beautiful suit in the perfect shade of marigold, fuschia, cobalt. You can wear the pieces separately or on the days when you want to stand out, wear that suit in all its glory. (And then wear it with sneakers and watch people's brains melt.)


How to Style a Blazer for work // Blazer outfits ideas for Jasika Blazer from Closet Core Patterns
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Business= blazer. But not so fast. There is no business drone dowdiness happening here. Pair your blazer with a flowy skirt, or make a skirt suit in a fun color. Add piping and flowy pants to create a  pajama dressing look, but still polished. When you are coming in with a beautifully tailored jacket you can get a bit creative with the rest of your look because your jacket is screaming GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY AND RESPONSIBILITY BECAUSE I SEWED MY OWN BLAZER FOR THIS MEETING. You see? Boss lady.

I don't know about you but I am going to shop for fabric now. The hard part will be picking one to start with...which look inspires you the most?

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