15 Mar 2012 • • by Heather Lou

St. Patty's Skirt // Burda 6058 sewing pattern

Burda 6058 sewing pattern // Closet Core Patterns

It's really hard to blog when you're nursing a broken heart. Break-ups are the worst. But I'm snapping out of it. "Hobbies help heal hearts" would be my bumper sticker if I had a car and absolutely no shame.

I made this skirt back in February. I was browsing one of the many dirt-cheap and amazing fabric stores in Montreal's fabric district (yes, we have a whole fabric district here. It's like 5 blocks of mom and pop owned treasure palaces. I am so sorry for all of you with only one mega-Fabric City type place to shop at in your town. Come here for a weekend! It's the best city on earth! And so much fabric!) and tripped over this yummy khaki green cashmere wool. It's SO soft. I wanted to marry it. Because fabric doesn't break your heart. Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes, so soft. So warm. So perfect for encasing my tushy on cold walks to work. I had a skirt pattern I bought a few years ago I wanted to use, but maybe I am now too curvy for that pattern. Maybe patterns use weird sizes and so even though I am 10 in retail stores I am a 14-16 in pattern sizes. Maybe this makes me feel angry, and so instead of scaling the pattern up, I bought this Burda pattern online.

It's a really great pattern with lots of possible modifications. Highly recommended. I whipped it up in an afternoon, and lined it with some scraps I had left over from this project. My only issue with is that I may have cut it a wee bit short. It's fine if I'm just standing but it rides when I walk. Must reconcile love of short skirts with requirements of classy office job.

Actually, the other issue is that the pattern just gave very generic "sew in zipper" directions and I wasn't really paying attention so I used a regular zipper and sewed it so that you actually see the zipper teeth. Total rookie mistake. Really just not thinking ahead on that one. Chalk it up to....

Lessons learned: 
1. Just assume that zipper is invisible on skirts, shall we?
2. Leave more of a seam allowance so it is easier to lengthen if we get a little mini happy.
3. How to do crochet chains to link the lining to the skirt. Great trick.
4. Got a little better with fitting, Modified this quite a bit since I have a pretty small waist in relation to my hips so there was quite a bit of tweaking necessary.

A skirt for St. Patrick:
Pattern:  Burda 6058 Jenny Skirt
Total Cost (including notions): $32 - cashmere wool was $15/yard
Time to Make: 10 hours

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