Sleep Masks for Everyone: A Free Eye Mask Pattern!

Hey all! This year we thought, what better way to celebrate the beginning of the holidays than with another free pattern?! We wanted to give you a little inspiration for gift giving this year and thought a scrap busting eye mask was just the thing for everyone on your list, as well as yourself! With travel slowly coming back into the picture (or merely travelling to your couch for a midday nap) we thought we would share our favourite design (Heather was inspired by a store bought version of this mask) for sleeping, or just zoning out. It is a nice wide design and can cover your ears as well if you want to tune out “the captain speaking” or your little nephew who just got a new noise maker. It is padded for ultimate comfort and you can use whatever fabric you most like to have on your face. In this case I’m making this one for my dad, who would probably like to project to the world that he is a blue flannel man, but secretly would love a little something silky on his eyelids (cupro feels like silk but at a fraction of the cost!) So let’s jump in cause this baby is quick and easy and CHRISTMAS IS COMING! 

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Once you have your pattern cut out you can see what size of scraps you’ll need for this. In addition to your fabric you will need a bit of batting. We found our batting here. We used a fairly thin, bamboo and organic cotton blend. You can use whatever thickness you want, or add another layer of flannel and skip the batting altogether. You will also need a 3″ piece of velcro. We prefer the non-sticky kind as it has a tendency to gum up your sewing machine needle. 

For this version I am trying out the idea of using two different fabrics. The outer fabric is this lovely organic flannel that just dropped at Core Fabrics, and on the inside I’m using a piece of sandwashed Cupro left over from another project. The coolness of the fabric is lovely on your face and anyone that ever recommended sleeping on a silk pillowcase would have a hard time telling the difference here. Just lovely! 

Once you cut out your pattern pieces, it should look like this:

Place the batting on the wrong side of the front pattern piece. Line up the edges and pin to the back piece, right sides together. 

Free Pattern / Eye Mask / Sleep Mask // Closet Core Patterns

Starting at one end of the mask, stitch through all layers, around the edge at 3/8″ seam allowance. Backstitch at the beginning and end. Leave both ends of the mask open, as you will be turning it inside out through these openings.

Trim the batting all the way to the stitch line, being careful not to snip stitches. Use duckbill scissors if you have them to make this step easier. Trim or grade the other seam allowances depending on the thickness of the fabrics used. In this case I only trimmed the flannel. The cupro can be a bit unravelly so I didn’t want to clip it too close to the stitch line and the fabric will sit smoothly inside.

Free Pattern / Eye Mask / Sleep Mask // Closet Core Patterns

Turn the mask right side out and press well. If using a delicate fabric like silk or cupro, make sure to use a press cloth.

Lay your mask back onto the pattern and mark with a removable pen where the topstitching for the batting will go as well as the notches on either end where you will fold the unfinished edges in. Topstitch a straight line between these markings on the four locations of your mask. Press either end in 3/8″ wrong sides together. Fold these edges in again, using the topstitched lines as a guide and press well. Topstitch down those edges at 1/8″.

Pin each side of the velcro on the places marked on the pattern. The hooked side of the tape goes on the left (as worn) outside of the mask and the loops go on the inside of the right side. This way when you close your mask, you won’t accidentally catch your hair with the little barbed wires. Topstitch the velcro down as close to the edge as you can. I use the hooks as a guide trying to not sew through them but still catching the tape.

Trim your threads, spray with a little lavender oil and get ready to have the best nap of your life!

These are a real easy project to batch sew if you want to make them as gifts, and if you are making pajamas for yourself or others (like our Carolyn’s sizes 0-32)  don’t forget to scrap bust a matching mask!

Happy Sewing!

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