15 Apr 2015 • • by Heather Lou

Plaid Archer Shirt + Waxed Ginger Jeans

Button down shirt in plaid flannel | Grainline Archer sewing pattern | Closet Core Patterns // closetcasefiles.com

It's time I wrap up "my grey period". Spring has FINALLY arrived in Montreal so I promise, no more stricken/traumatized instagram posts of April snowfalls. Someone recently pointed out that they/I were getting increasingly unhinged. It's been warm out ALL week, and I've been riding my bike around town with the wind in my hair and a big goofy grin on my face like everyone else in this beleaguered city.

Today let's take a look at the last of my winter makes so I can focus on making a billion things out of all the crazy printed rayons I've picked up recently. Although to be honest, looking at these photos makes me quite sad since I lost one of the earrings I'm wearing, a white gold pair I've had for over ten years. Total ranty sidenote but: How do you all DEAL with earrings? It doesn't seem to matter what type of closure I use;  earrings are like a bickering married couple and one is always taking off for greener pastures without warning. A few hours later I'll notice it's missing and yell at the other one for not cluing me in that there was marital discord when I could have done something about it.


Plaid Archer by Closet Core Patterns-2Plaid Archer by Closet Core Patterns-4Plaid Archer by Closet Core Patterns-7

If this fabric looks familiar, it's leftover from one of my Carolyn pajama samples. I love this flannel; so cozy and soft and destined to be a plaid Archer for cottaging and sugar shacking (sugar shacking being the time of year when Canadians pile into log cabins on maple farms to induce stage 2 diabetes while pouring cups of syrup on heaping plates of deep-fried breakfast foods).

The construction of this baby is nothing to write home about. I cut the pockets and yoke on the bias and did my best to match the plaids - so satisfying. The only hiccup I ran into was trying to source pearl metal snaps. After a lot of digging around I found them locally but for the highway robbed price of 6 for $8. As a result, I didn't end up putting one at the top collar or along the cuffs, hence the rolled sleeves. Since then I've discovered it's much better to purchase them in bulk on Wawak; I just bought a 50 pack of Gingher pearl snaps for under $10. Now I just need to pull out the snap setter and install the ones I skipped the first time. Rachel just posted a great DIY on snap buttons if you'd like to do  the same.

Plaid Archer by Closet Core Patterns-12 Plaid Archer by Closet Core Patterns-10plaid archer button down shirt

The jeans are yet another pair of Gingers, with a denim I was testing that didn't end up making the cut for our kits. I was really hoping to find a great waxed denim to sell by the yard and this one isn't bad, but I wasn't impressed with the recovery. I can get about two wears out of these before they start bagging out which isn't good enough for you, my darlings. And then there is the gloss factor - I'm seeing a lot of back of leg lines that aren't normally there in regular denim. Regardless, they feel pretty rock and roll. And also very winter. I doubt I will be pulling these out for another 6 months, at least. GIVE ME ALL THE SUMMER DRESSES.

DIY waxed jeans

Details: Archer shirt with white plaid flannel, Ginger jeans with waxed denim, Steve madden ankle boots (similar here), Lipstick: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

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