01 Jul 2016 • • by Heather Lou

The Perfect Outfit: Inari Tee + Brume Skirt

Linen Inari tee + deer and doe brume skirt-8

I was doing laundry the other day and realized that because of the sewing bender I've been on, I have approximately 48 things I've made recently that I haven't had a chance to share. 48 might be an exaggeration but it certainly feels that way; I can barely walk into my closet/laundry room due to all the clothes hanging in odd and inconvenient places as a visual reminder to myself to photograph what I've been up to. Which means I have approximately 48 things I've made but won't let myself wear, because if I wear them without documenting them first, it's inevitable that I will spill red wine down them within 5 minutes, even if its 9am and there is no red wine in my house. The red wine will somehow materialize. This is how it goes.

So basically my new summer wardrobe is angry and taunting me and this week I decided to do something about it. Wear the clothes. And then photograph the clothes. No red wine to be seen, anywhere.

Linen Inari tee + deer and doe brume skirtLinen Inari tee + deer and doe brume skirt-5 Linen Inari tee + deer and doe brume skirt-6 Linen Inari tee + deer and doe brume skirt-7

This here is my new favourite outfit and I am very sad I made it wait in my closet for a solid month. It's totally perfect for summer which means comfy + neutral + linen. It's part of my increasingly troubling addiction to linen. If I had my way I would go through life encased in a linen cocoon. Forever. I've gone through at least 15 meters of the stuff since the weather started warming up and I have no intention of stopping. If linen left track marks my forearms would be SO casually wrinkly right now.

This little white crop top is made from the Inari tee pattern, which I've obsessively documented my love for here, here and here. I had a scant yard of this creamy linen goodness left after making a recent shirt dress (also yet to be blogged) so I decided to whip up a little something to wear with all of the high waisted things. The proportions are absolutely perfect. I love where it sits at the waist and how it dips back ever so slightly in the back. My bias tap neckline isn't laying absolutely flat but I can't be bothered to care because I'm wearing linen and linen is the Xanax of fabric. Everything is all gooooood.

Linen Inari tee + deer and doe brume skirt-10Linen Inari tee + deer and doe brume skirt-11

The skirt is another recent favourite. I loved the Brume Skirt pattern when Deer & Doe released it last year - such interesting style lines on such a simple silhouette! I  bought a few D&D patterns this spring and made sure to to include this one in my cart. It's designed for knits, and I decided to try and use the crazy thick textured double knit I bought last fall when I was in Vancouver. I had initially tried to use it to make super warm and thick Sewaholic Pacific leggings but that was a complete and utter disaster - the knit was WAY to heavy-duty for leggings and it ended up giving me the saddest saggy crotch you've seen since MC Hammer stopped getting royalty checks. I figured the knit would be better suited to something with just a tiny but more structure, and I was right because this fabric/pattern combo makes me very, very happy.

I love the way the subtle chevron pattern in the fabric ended up working; the yoke piece wraps around the hip creating a beautiful diagonal line  - a total accident I didn't' realize until the entire thing was assembled! I would definitely suggest trying stripes with this pattern for that reason.

Deer and Doe Brume skirtLinen Inari tee + deer and doe brume skirt-9

Paired together I think they're kind of perfect. The wide hem of the top is just right for the close fit of the skirt, and it's the kind of outfit that's comfy enough to wear all day in the studio. I'm always hunting for secret pajamas and this definitely meets the bill.

Linen Inari tee + deer and doe brume skirt-2   Linen Inari tee + deer and doe brume skirt-12

We're heading up to Vermont this weekend so I'll be packing the car with more of those sad, lonely outfits that have been hanging in my closet; it's simply not a vacation if I don't force Guillaume to take pictures of me trying to look casual in rural locations.

What's your favourite summer outfit? Am I the only one with crazy out of control sewing mojo right now? I can't seem to stop!

ps. My AMAZING new shades are from Firmoo if you're curious - mirrored prescription shades for $39! I hate wearing contacts so I picked up a few different pairs of  prescription sunnies last month. You can get 15% off your order using this link.

Details: Inari crop tee in white linen, Deer & Doe Brume skirt in mystery knit,  Sven halter clogs, Lipstick: Mac Lady Danger, Firmoo shades

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