Ryan Gosling Pajama dressing

Hey girl. Hope you’re doing well. Are we supposed to be over Ryan Gosling now? Because never. The man knows how to rock a pajama shirt like nobody’s business. Navy washed silk never looked more alluring.

Baby Duck fawning aside, today I wanted to share some of my Carolyn Pajama research with you. I looked at a lot of images when I was developing this pattern, and I love how many different looks you can get from one style. It’s really an iconic garment, and I think a good pair is as key to any well-rounded wardrobe as a white button-down shirt or a pair of jeans.


A beautifully made pair of pajamas does not have to be relegated to the house. With the right styling, they look super chic and confidant worn on the street. I tend to overuse the word “insouciant” but I’m not sure what is more effortlessly glamorous than wearing silk “sleepwear” for a night on the town.

Pajama Dressing Inspiration
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Since you can use such a wide variety of fabrics for this pattern, you really have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a fun print. I’d love to see some made from Liberty Lawn and exuberantly printed silk. I’m hoping you’ll use this as an opportunity to have fun stuff in the quilting and flannel section of the fabric store.

silk pajamas and printed pajamas
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As much fun as a crazy printed pajama can be, I also love the simplicity and timelessness of a  classic tailored set. A fine quality cotton shirting, chambray, solid coloured crepe or charmeuse paired with that crisp piping detail? Perfection. What about lengthening the hem of the top for a classic nightgown? I also love the idea of adding a monogram to the front pocket; nothing says luxury like a monogram. This retailer has a DIY monogram feature if you’d like to play with a a design.

classic tailored pajamas
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Hope this gets your Carolyn Pajama juices flowing!

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