16 May 2024 • • by Heather Lou

Our Crewmate of the Month: Meet Zuzanna!


Meet Zuzanna, our May Crewmate of the month! We’ve been captivated by her impressive pattern-matching skills, lovely photos, and friendly presence in the Crew Community. You can see her attention to detail in everything she makes and her love of colour always draws us in! Continue reading to learn more about Zuzanna, below!

A slightly modified Myosotis Dress

What do you do for a living? Graphic design

Where in the world do you live? Currently in my native Poland, after almost 10 years in the UK

How long have you been sewing? For about 12 years

How often do you spend time on your sewing practice a week (including planning, researching, sewing etc)? It varies a lot! Sometimes I sew every day for weeks, and then not at all for months…

What is your favourite thing you’ve made? So hard to choose just one! I’m very proud of this linen dress I made a while ago with Liberty trims.

The Belemnite Dress with Liberty trims

What is your home sewing set-up like? My home sewing set-up is…messy. I have a separate room (lucky, I know!) which serves as my home office, my sewing space, storage space, and more.

What was the first thing you remember wanting to sew? A dress! It’s always been about pretty dresses for me!

What is your favourite Closet Core Pattern? Lately, the Jenna Shirt!

Three Jenna Shirts and counting!

What was the best lesson or skill that took your sewing to the next level? Learning how to correctly understitch was a game changer for me!

How would you define your style? Not sure how to define it but I’m definitely not a minimalist. I love prints (florals) and colors, big sleeves and long flowy skirts. 

What pattern release would you not be able to resist (aka what type of garment would automatically jump your queue)? No surprises here, a long flowy dress, not too fitted, not too oversized. I have a big (too big!) stash of pretty viscose and always look for patterns that would suit them.

What are your sewing goals? My main sewing goal is to have more time for sewing. I’m not particularly excited about pushing myself to try new skills; I'm quite satisfied staying in my comfort zone and continuing to sew pretty dresses and cool shirts. I don’t feel the need to sew everything I wear; I may never sew my own jeans, and I can live with that 🙂

Mabel Dress in Lady McElroy Viscose

What’s the next thing you want to make? Ehm… a dress. I really want to try the latest Mica pattern. 

How was sewing impacted or interacted with your identity? I find it so satisfying to be able to create something with my own hands. I don’t think sewing is that different from gardening, cooking, or even cleaning in that regard. So, I don’t think I would be a different person if I didn’t sew. I appreciate that I've become so accustomed to sewing most of my clothes that I can stay away from all the fast fashion craze. I thoroughly enjoy working with textiles, experiencing their textures and colors, and being able to find a place for them in my everyday life. It’s good for the soul 🙂

Thanks, Zuzanna!

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