20 Feb 2012 • • by Heather Lou

Not a T-Shirt // Vogue 1247 Sewing Pattern

Vogue 1247 sewing pattern // Closet Core Patterns

I fell in love with this Vogue 1247 sewing pattern after seeing Sallie Oh nail it here. It's slouchy and drapey and references t-shirt but in a much more elegant way. I know that working with finer weight fabrics can be very difficult so I thought it prudent to experiment with an inexpensive polyester rather than losing my mind ruining silk.

Full disclosure: I initially intended on giving this to my step-sister for Christmas but wasn't sure it was really her style and didn't have the heart/guts to give it to her if she wasn't going to like it. Because I slaved over this. A lot. Like Spartacus style slaving, but without the blood, gore and killing for spectacle.

I learned the hard way that trying to cut this slippy, flimsy material with scissors is an exercise in cry yourself to sleep futility. NONE of the seams ended up at the right spot and I somehow managed to cut the front an inch shorter than I was supposed to. Thankfully it's not super obvious because of the dark navy but this blouse is pretty jacked. But I still love it and have worn it a few times. Now that I have my new MARRY ME CUTTING MAT and BE STILL MY HEART ROTARY CUTTER I would like to try making this some time in the future but, you know, not eff it up.

What I learned: french seams (although I had to seam rip a billion times since I kept forgetting and sewed the wrong ends together just about every time), rolled hems (left it unfinished for a month and magically figured it out after letting it marinate)

Slouchy not a t-shirt
 Pattern:  Vogue 1247
Total Cost (including notions): $15
 Time to Make: Let's just say an obscene and embarrassing amount of time
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