10 Jul 2015 • • by Heather Lou

Named Inari Tee Dress In Soft Linen

Named Inari Tee Dress Pattern // Black linen // Closet Core Patterns

I haven't really had a thought out, wardrobe architectured plan for my summer sewing; it's been pretty improvisational around here these days.  Flying by the seat of your pants doesn't generally yield consistent, unified results, but I've surprised myself by making a fairly cohesive summer capsule wardrobe this summer, something made clear when I started packing for a friends wedding this weekend and everything just worked together.

Here's what I am more or less wearing every day:

1. Various iterations of Sallie, in dress and jumpsuit form. I cropped one sample to wear with flats, and just picked up a navy linen knit and gorgeous watercolour floral rayon for yet another dress.

2. Slightly fancier summer dresses for picnics, cocktails and the like. My black linen Lonsdale has been worn at least once a week, and I just made a graphic Sophia dress for the wedding tomorrow, one I'm sure to be wearing again this summer.

3. Loose fitting tunic dresses for mega hot days and running errands in the neighborhood. Preferably in linen. With luck, made from the Inari Tee dress pattern by Named.

Named Inari Tee dress sewing pattern Named Inari Tee Dress Pattern // Black linen // Closet Core Patterns

This is a brilliant pattern. It's the second time I've sewn a Named design, and while I continue to be mildly annoyed by their PDF layouts (only in two sizes, not properly nested) I'm becoming really impressed with their eye for silhouette, proportion and cool, original details. At first glance this pattern is incredibly simple; it's basically a sack dress with no darts to speak of. But the fit is spot on (loose fitting and slouchy without saying "I've given up") and I love the subtle cocoon shaping in the side seams, the angled slit at the thigh, the slightly high/low hem, and the cuffed sleeve. It is chic and modern and oh so easy to wear.

Named Inari Tee Dress Pattern // Black linen // Closet Core Patterns Named Inari Tee Dress Pattern // Black linen // Closet Core Patterns

The clogaholics among you may have spotted my new/old beauts. They're vintage Italian guys from Italy. My heart stopped for one perfect minute when I saw them at the vintage store. The fact that they actually fit these size 9 dogs felt like a minor miracle, or clog kismet.

Back to the dress. I zipped this up in an evening using the same linen I used for my Lonsdale. I made a size 8, grading to a little larger than a 10 at the hip. All the seams are finished using my beloved Juki (which I just reviewed here), and I skipped the facing in favour of a bias bound neckline using self fabric. I was especially pleased with the fit through the shoulder - I often have issues with gaping since I'm a little narrow up there, but this was perfect from minute one. A super easy, satisfying make, well suited to my jazzy improv sewing style this summer. I've worn and washed it enough that's it already starting to get that slightly faded, well loved patina that linen gets over time. Also? Soft as hell.

Named Inari Tee Dress Pattern // Black linen // Closet Core Patterns Named Inari Tee Dress Pattern // Black linen // Closet Core Patterns

I have plans to make a few more of these, maybe even with one of my new Vlisco wax print acquisitions if I'm feeling bold. Next time I'll be sure to reinforce the slit hem with a little bar tack, but otherwise, this pattern is going in the canon.

Has anyone else made Inari yet? Are you on the sack dress train too? Let's all be chic and lazy together.

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