My Summer Sewing Plans

I am a planner by nature. Maybe it’s the result of having a somewhat tumultous childhood, but as an adult, a day planner and bullet journal are basically my idea of a warm bath. Every season I sit down and think about what I’d like to make, and then make lists and plan accordingly. I don’t think of my plans as hard and unyielding; I’ll often slip in a new pattern if one catches my eye, and more often than not, half the things on the list never end up getting made. I still find it a comforting ritual, and being thoughtful about my sewing projects ensures I am constantly analyzing and editing my closet and trying to figure out how to make it as tight and lean as possible.

This year I’ve more or less stopped sewing at home (because I don’t have a dedicated sewing space in my small apartment and have started playing piano in my free evening time rather than sewing), so I’ve had to acknowledge my time limitations. I don’t have the same output I once did, but I also really love where my wardrobe is right now, so it’s more about filling in the gaps than it is about sewing a bunch of things just for the sake of it. Here is my plan for the coming summer months…


Clockwise: Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank (since discontinued), Jenny Shorts, Handmade by Carolyn Perth blouse, modified Kalle shirt

I never seem to have enough tops, and I love the proportion of a high-waisted bottom and cropped shirt, so I’m hoping to make quite a few of the latter in the coming months. I recently cropped this silk Tiny Pocket Tank and have worn it more in the last month than I did in the last few years, so I’m going to make a few more using all the odd silk yards I have in my stash. This pattern has been discontinued but I believe it’s been updated with a higher neckline as the Willow tank; I prefer the original neckline and think its a great alternative to a cami style since I don’t need to worry about hiding my bra straps. I’m also planning a cropped-ish Kalle shirt with a squared off hem in navy silk – I think this will be a good transitional piece into the fall. I’m also keen to make the Perth Blouse, but have yet to decide on the right shirting fabric; this may end up sliding into my fall sewing queue. Finally, I am making myself some Jenny shorts. I finished a  Marimekko linen pair a couple of weeks ago and LOVE them; I’d also like to make an “evening” pair with the white brocade left over from this coat project. They are my ideal shorts; high waisted and roomy.


Myosotis Dress, Charlie Caftan, Vogue 1496, Kalle Shirtdress

I have a million dresses in my closet but I wore everything to death last year and am looking forward to introducing a few fun new pieces. I’ve been wearing our new dress pattern non-stop (we’re releasing it this week!) but I’m also hoping to add these ladies into rotation. Top of the list is the Myosotis dress from Deer & Doe; like many of you, I fell hard for this one when it was released. I’m dipping into the double gauze stash for this make and think it will be a great dress for those days when you just need something light and airy against your skin. Already cut out and ready to be sewn is another double gauze dress, a soft grey-chambray-ish mini Charlie Caftan. Montreal gets humid as a terrarium in the summer so it will be perfect for those sticky days. I’ve also been meaning to make a black silk Kalle dress with a squared off hem for just about forever, so maybe this is the season. Lastly, I’ve had this Vogue pattern in my “to do” pile for a few years; I’m not sure what fabric to use yet but I loved the version Lauren made way back when.


In addition to the above, I have a few ideas for custom drafted patterns, but their creation is dependent on how much time I can come up with this summer. Number one on my hit list is a “vacation skirt”, which in my mind is a full, midi length button front skirt you could pack and wear every day on say, a European trip. I want swishy fullness without gathers so I may have to experiment with a few designs before I get what I want. I’m also obsessed with a super loose-fitting, wide-legged jumpsuit; I saw someone wearing something like the bottom left in London and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it – so comfy and chic for a heatwave. For that same reason I’d like to make a super easy breezy strappy dress, but I’m sure I could find an existing pattern like the one below right; tell me of anything on the market and save me some drafting time!

What are your summer sewing plans?

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