30 Aug 2018 • • by Heather Lou

Miss Fancy Pants: Jenny Shorts in Marimmeko Linen

Jenny Shorts Pattern in Marimekko Linen / Closet Core Patterns

Summer is nearing the end (I mean, I know technically it goes till mid-September but the minute Labour Day approaches I basically curl into a ball and have a good, wistful cry) and I still have a few more of my summer sewing projects to show you. These Jenny Shorts are one of my favourite makes this year and have been my very best friend through the worst of the many heat waves we've endured.

They are made from the only fabric I bought on my recent trip to Sweden, a beautiful cotton-linen blend from Marimekko. Normally I'm not a big print person, but how can you resist the weird whimsy of Marimekko? You can't, which is why I found myself spending the most money I have ever spent on fabric in their Stockholm shop, trying not to do the calculation from krona to Canadian. I promised myself I would sew something special with this psychedelic floral, and decided shorts was the best option since I only had a yard and am not keen to put this much fabric party up against my face.

Jenny Shorts Pattern in Marimekko Linen / Closet Core PatternsJenny Shorts Pattern in Marimekko Linen / Closet Core PatternsJenny Shorts Pattern in Marimekko Linen / Closet Core Patterns Jenny Shorts Pattern in Marimekko Linen / Closet Core Patterns

And what shorts they are! I may go as far as to say they are my dream shorts; not too short, not too long, perfectly high waisted and with enough width and flare through the hips to still feel modest-ish. And so, so comfy! I mostly wore them with cropped linen tees, but when it got super hot and sticky I loved pairing them with this backless tank bodysuit (not a Nettie, but I wore it so much I might make a few for next year).

I made one small tweak to the pattern. In order to have a bit more width through the thigh, I graded them out one size from the hip down (I made a 14 and ended up grading to the 16 at the hem). It results in a less straight shape, so I suggest doing the same if you like a bit more flare in your shorts. I just barely had enough fabric so I didn't worry about print placement, but I think with big, wild prints like this you don't really need to fuss much.

Jenny Shorts Pattern in Marimekko Linen / Closet Core PatternsJenny Shorts Pattern in Marimekko Linen / Closet Core Patterns

Because of the cotton in the blend they don't wrinkle like regular linen, and always made me feel quite cool and collected even after sitting in them all day. Also, how can you not crack a huge-ass smile when you put something this cheerful and fun on your body? I have many more party shorts on my agenda for next year using this pattern, including a fancy pair with French jacquard. Just call me Miss Fancy Pants, I won't mind at all.

Have you sewn with Marimekko fabric before? And have you tried our Jenny shorts yet? I really think it's a fabulous summer short, if I do say so myself.

Details: Jenny Shorts in Marimekko linen/cotton, Everlane bodysuit, Firmoo sunglasses, pink suede Selected mules

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