27 Apr 2012 • • by Heather Lou

Leopard Mullet Hem // McCalls 6504 Sewing Pattern

McCalls 6504 sewing pattern // Closet Core Patterns
While in Toronto a few weeks ago, I did the thing that sewists do when traveling: find the fabric district. Queen West has lots of great fabric stores; I found a good mix of cramped, crammed, cheap dives and higher end boutiques. One store in particular specialized in silk, which I generally find exceptionally difficult to find - their printed silks made me cry a little bit.

As much as I have been sewing lately, I haven't made the switch to higher end textiles yet. Silk is so expensive, and I'm terrified of ruining a beautiful textile that FREAKING CATERPILLARS SECRETE FROM THEIR HEADS. Also, I'm the newly emancipated child of momma H&M and Daddy Forever 21. I may not be suckling at that teat anymore but I'm used to the polyester milk (wow, that metaphor reeeally got away from me). All this to say - I don't mind a synthetic fabric. So while I was crying about being too poor/scared to sew with silk, I stumbled on this perfect mini animal print which was within my price range.

This print reminds me a lot of the one I used here. I think I love animal prints because they almost act as a neutral - a great base for adding colour. Also, I had been hunting for a fabric for a particular dress. When McCall's released this pattern this season I immediately added it to my wishlist and ordered it during one of their frequent online sales (Sidenote: McCall's/Vogue seems to have great sales pretty frequently where you can get patterns from $1.99 - $3.99. I assumed Simplicity followed the same model but the last "sale" they had was pretty sad. I think patterns were $9.99. Does anyone know if and/or when Simplicity has good sales?). 

It is a similar silhouette to my last project - scoop neck, vertical seams, full skirt, although I didn't realize at the time how similar the patterns were. What made me snap it up was the longer hem in the back - so floaty and pretty. This "mullet" style as Lladybird so beautifully put it, is crazy flattering for your legs and I think puts a nice spin on a traditional shape. However, you really HAVE to wear heels with this dress. I am the valedictorian of the Never Ever Wear Flats With a Midi Skirt school (even if it's only half a midi). Makes your calves look like tree stumps.

McCalls 6504 sewing pattern // Closet Core Patterns
McCalls 6504 sewing pattern // Closet Core PatternsMcCalls 6504 sewing pattern // Closet Core Patterns
McCalls 6504 sewing pattern // Closet Core Patterns
McCalls 6504 sewing pattern // Closet Core Patterns

Went neon with the zipper and belt (see? animal prints ARE a neutral!) and accessorised with my new favourite necklace. Muchos gracias to Sophie at Cirque du Bebe for reminding me of this tutorial for the gold-chain "collar" necklace. She looked so darn cute in hers, I went and whipped up one for me and my bff on her birthday.

Some shots of the inside. I serged the seams with some red for pretty contrast. I think I'm going to start doing this more frequently - I like the little flash of colour on the inside.

McCalls 6504 sewing pattern // Closet Core Patterns

Zola wanted to get in the picture (or smell my feet):

 McCalls 6504 sewing pattern // Closet Core Patterns

Leopard Mullet Hem:
Pattern: McCalls 6504
Total Cost: $25 for fabric, had notions in the stash
Time to Make: 8-9 hours to whip up, but a few episodes of Mad Men to hand hem that monster

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