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Join the Crew, Our New Monthly Pattern + Sewing Membership!


We couldn’t be more excited to ring in the new year than by introducing you to the new project we’ve been working on for the better part of the year. Crew is our new monthly pattern and sewing membership, featuring fresh, inspiring patterns and resources to help you grow and evolve a sewing practice that sustains you, delivered each and every month.

Sewing is meant to be fun — a liberating, creative outlet that’s just for you. However, for many of us, it can be a struggle to make time for ourselves and the things that bring us joy. We built Crew as an antidote to the sewing doldrums, featuring appealing and inspiring patterns you will actually want to make, a welcoming and nurturing community, and the resources and help you need to sew beautiful, well-fitting clothes that fill you with confidence and pride. We want to create #SewingWins that remove all the barriers to powering up your sewing machine every month, regardless of your skill level, or where you are on your sewing journey.

How Does Crew Work?

Crew is a members-only monthly subscription. As a member, each month you’ll receive a new and original sewing pattern in sizes 0-32, a beautiful themed page to jumpstart your sewjo (including mood boards, fabric ideas, and curated content designed to help you create your pattern), and a completely private community. Depending on your membership plan, you’ll also have access to exclusive video tutorials on subjects like fitting and patternmaking, and private online events hosted each month on a variety of subjects and themes.

What Kind of Patterns?

Crew is our opportunity to loosen up and have some fun! While we continue to design the more challenging and detail-rich patterns we’ve become known for at Closet Core, Crew gives us the chance to stretch and explore sewing in a new, fresh way.

We are designing clothes you will want to sew and wear, every single day — each Crew pattern is stylish, seasonal, thoughtfully constructed, and available as a PDF in sizes 0-20 and 14-32. We’re especially excited to explore a new theme for a complete capsule wardrobe each year. This year the theme is COLOUR, which you’ll see and feel with the vibrant and joyful approach we’ve taken with our website and all our new designs!

Whether you have lots of time, or only a few precious hours each month, you’ll have options to integrate sewing in a sustainable and meaningful way into your daily life using Crew patterns. We want you to benefit from the very real creative, mental, and emotional benefits that come from connecting with yourself and your craft, so each design is meant to be approachable for sewists of all skill levels, with lots of additional content to help you on your way.

Crew patterns will be exclusively available to Crew members – at this time we have no plans on releasing them as individual patterns. Most importantly, all Crew patterns are developed with the same care and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from us, with the same level of thorough instructions and impeccable drafting. Since our lowest monthly plan is substantially less than the cost of traditional Closet Core PDF patterns, you are getting a fabulous deal each month!

The Crew Community

All members get access to our supportive and encouraging private community. This is your place to ask questions, share ideas, make friends, and dig deeper into creativity, making, and self-sufficiency in all areas of your life. We want to connect with each other in the ways we did before algorithms and big tech took over our feeds, and we are excited to build our own home where we can bond and connect. The Crew Community is a safe and welcoming space where we can share our skills, experiences and knowledge, be honest and vulnerable, celebrate each other’s successes, commiserate over our failures, and build meaningful and lasting relationships that sustain us and our creative practice for the long haul. We are so excited to build this space with you! Personally and selfishly, I am really looking forward to having a place to connect with sewists that is not on social media!

Exclusive Content

Depending on your membership plan, you’ll also get access to exclusive tutorial videos to help you build your skills using the expertise of our team. Each month we’ll design a tutorial connected to that month’s pattern; subjects may include detailed fitting help (with pattern modifications and fixes demonstrated on camera), walk-throughs of more challenging sewing techniques, or patternmaking tutorials, as we show you how to hack and customize patterns to get even more functionality out of everything you create. Think of it like mini Closet Core sewing classes delivered each and every month! (These perks are available to folks on our Plus and Unlimited plans.)

Join Us For Live Events!

Each month, we’ll be hosting live events you can join from anywhere in the world! It’s your chance to connect with Heather directly as we chat about a wide variety of sewing and fashion-related subjects. We’ll be hosting special guests, giving you behind-the-scenes looks at what we’re working on in the studio, and exploring the ideas and topics we find inspiring. All events will also be recorded and saved so you can watch later at your leisure. (These perks are available to folks on our Plus and Unlimited plans.)

What are the Crew Membership Options?

We have three plan options for Crew membership depending on what you’re looking to get from your membership.

Crew Essential (Monthly)

At $10 USD a month, Crew Essential is our base plan and includes the following:

  • A new PDF pattern in sizes 0-32 delivered every month, starting with this month’s pattern
  • Sewing, design, and fabric inspiration + ideas
  • Curated skill-building videos + articles to help you sew with confidence
  • Access to the private Crew community

This plan renews on the same day each month and can be canceled or modified at any time. Note that this plan only includes the monthly pattern available the month you join – you will not have access to the back catalogue of patterns released before your membership started.

Crew Plus (Monthly)

At $15 USD a month, Crew Essential is our mid-level plan and includes the following:

  • Everything in our Essential plan, plus:
  • A new and exclusive video tutorial to accompany each month’s pattern. Topics may include specialty sewing skills and fitting, hacking, and patternmaking tutorials.
  • Live events each month with the Closet Core Team + special guests, with conversations on a wide range of sewing and fashion-related subjects
  • An exclusive 10% discount to use on everything in the Closet Core Patterns shop, active as long as you’re a Crew member

This plan renews on the same day each month and can be canceled or modified at any time. Note that this plan only includes the monthly pattern available the month you join – you will not have access to the back catalogue of patterns released before your membership started.

Crew Unlimited (Annual)

Our Unlimited plan is an annual plan and is the best deal hands down. You get everything from our Plus plan and access to the full pattern library regardless of when you signed up, in addition to the extras listed below. Instead of paying $180 for the full year, when you sign up for the annual plan we’ll give you 20% off for a total of $144 USD (think of it as paying $12 a month instead of $15). To celebrate our launch, we’re also offering the first month of January as a free bonus month, which means you’ll get 13 months instead of 12! If you sign up now, your membership won’t renew until February 2024.

The Unlimited plan includes the following:

  • Everything in the Plus plan, plus:
  • Access to the entire Crew pattern library, regardless of when you sign up
  • Exclusive 15% discount to use on everything in the Closet Core Patterns shop, active as long as you’re a Crew member
  • Surprise and exclusive discounts, perks, and freebies throughout the year

This is an annual plan. It is paid for once a year, and normally renews every 12 months. However, sign up now and get this January for free for a total of 13 months included with your subscription!

Canadian, UK, and European customers – please note you can also sign up for Crew in the currency of your choice!

This Month’s Pattern: The Parchment Quilted Jacket

The Parchment Quilted Jacket is our debut pattern for Crew. With a gorgeously shaped raglan sleeve in two lengths (hip length and above the knee), Parchment features an optional overlapping button placket if you’d like to make a jacket that does up with snaps or buttons. We’ve offered two pocket styles and a TON of design and sewing inspo in the Crew platform to help you make it a simple and fast make or a more meaty quilting project you can really dig into. It’s the perfect design to tap into your creativity and can be made up as a layering piece or a cozy jacket… overall it’s a great place to start building the capsule wardrobe we have cooked up for the coming year!

To accompany Parchment, we’ve curated a variety of quilting and design resources to help you along your way, including blog and video tutorials on subjects like inserting double-fold bias like a pro, and a video fitting lesson with Heather that teaches you how to fit raglan sleeves (available exclusively to Plus and Unlimited members). In this month’s live event, we’ll be introducing our team and hosting a live Parchment runway show with all the jackets we made this year!

Phew! That was a lot. I can’t really express how excited we are about Crew. We’ve been working so hard behind the scenes to make a project like this possible. We spent the better part of the year restructuring our entire pattern development process to be more efficient while maintaining our extremely high standards for drafting, fit, and construction, and I’m incredibly proud of our small team for making this happen with our existing resources. We have an absolutely killer year of Crew patterns planned (nothing but bangers as we like to say!) and rest assured that outside of Crew, Closet Core Patterns will continue to release the print + PDF patterns you know and love, just like always!

ps. We have to give a major shout-out to Jenny at Cashmerette Patterns. Cashmerette has been slaying it with their wonderful Club subscription and Jenny has been incredibly helpful and encouraging as we launched this new project. We couldn’t be more grateful.

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