04 Feb 2015 • • by Heather Lou

Introducing: The Carolyn Pajama Pattern

Carolyn Pajamas - PDF sewing pattern

Hello everyone! I'm super excited today because I finally get to share my latest pattern with you; meet the Carolyn Pajamas! I've been planning this design for some time because once again, I simply couldn't find what I was looking for when I wanted to sew some elegant pjs. The only patterns I could find were boxy and unisex (UNISEX!) and I'm a firm believer that practical and elegant need not be mutually exclusive. I was tired of wearing ratty old pjs around the house and decided if I was going to work at home in pajamas all day, they better be beautiful pajamas.

The Carolyn Pajama Pattern is designed for chic lounging, and is thoughtfully tailored with a modern, figure flattering cut. The top features a classic notched collar, curved hem and breast pocket. It includes a short cuffed sleeve, a long cuffed sleeve, and a regular long sleeve option. For a matching set, you can choose between a straight legged pant (with or without cuff) or a cuffed short. Both pants and shorts feature an elasticized waist, pockets and a faux fly.

The fit is slim but relaxed. I was aiming for something comfortable, but still chic enough to wear outside the house if sewn in a beautiful silk or cotton. The top can also function as a blouse in the right fabric; I think it would look super lovely in a lightweight silk with jeans and heels.

If you've never sewn with piping before, this pattern is a great introduction. Adding some contrasting colour to the collar and cuffs makes these pajamas feel super luxurious and expensive. Here is View B in washed silk and cream piping (let me tell you - you haven't lived until you've hung around your house on a Sunday afternoon in head to toe silk):

Carolyn Pajamas sewing patternCarolyn silk pajamas - side viewCarolyn silk pajamas - back view

I am especially happy with the fit of the pants. They're not your typical baggy pjs, and I'm planning on sewing up a few pairs in lightweight fabrics to wear in the spring with t-shirts for running around town.

Carolyn pajama pants front viewCarolyn pajama pants back view

If piping isn't your jam, you can also make Carolyn straight up without cuffs. Here is View A in plaid flannel:

Flannel pajamas - Carolyn Sewing patternFlannel pajamas - Carolyn Sewing pattern

I experimented with a lot of fabrics with this pattern, and one of my favorites for a lightweight summer set is rayon challis. I can't wait till it's warm enough to run around in these babies:

Carolyn pajamas - shorts set in rayon challis Carolyn pajamas - shorts set in rayon challisPajama top notched collarCarolyn pajamas - shorts set in rayon challis

The Carolyn Pajamas Pattern can be sewn in a variety of light-weight wovens, depending on the effect you want. Soft cotton flannel has a classic cozy vibe, silk charmeuse and crepe turn the luxury knob up to 11, and in a soft drapier fabric like double gauze, voile or challis they are perfect for the summer. I don't generally use quilting cottons for apparel sewing, but a few of my testers made them up in crazy adorable prints and they looked great. It's the perfect excuse to go nuts with novelty prints.

A few pieces of business:

I've added one smaller size to the my range after a few requests. All future Closet Core patterns will now span from size 0-18. Additionally, for the first time, I won't be offering a full-blown sewalong for this pattern, for a few reasons. One, I think they make non-sewalongers want to poke their eyes out, and two, I laboured over the instructions and think taking a lot of step by step pictures is probably redundant. Having said that, I do have a few supplementary posts planned. I'll be showing you how to sew a notched collar if you've never done one before. I'm also going to help you make and insert piping, along with a few posts on styling inspiration, fabric selection and elastic waistband finishes.

Oh, and one more thing - I'm hosting a PAJAMA PARTY in a month and I'd love for you to participate! I've rounded up some really generous gifts from a lot of great sponsors to giveaway at the end.... but more on that later this week.

Finally, a huge, universe spanning hug goes to my muse for this pattern, Carolyn. If you read Handmade by Carolyn, you're probably also in awe of this titian haired Aussie beauty. She's one of the most inspiring makers I know, and her incredible skills and imagination never cease to delight me. She's also been an amazingly supportive "big sister" over the last few years and I wanted to design something that suited her Katharine Hepburn grace. The pajamas she made during testing really blew my mind, as per usual.

So that about sums it up for today! Hope you like the new pattern; it's currently on sale in my shop here, and as usual it's available in copyshop and print at home format.  Can't wait to hear what you guys think!

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