Introducing No Fear Jeans Month

Introducing No Fear Jeans Month // Closet Core Patterns

Today is the first day of February, the second month of 2018, and the day before my 37th birthday. It’s a day that marks my deepest wish to get those of you who are willing aboard our Choo Choo to Jeanstown. This month we are going to focus exclusively on jeans-making here on the blog. We’ve got interviews with some of my favorite professional jeans technicians, new tutorials, and lots of inspiration to get your indigo juices flowing (I deeply apologize for whatever visual that conjured up).

I’m calling it No Fear Jeans Month because I think it is crucial to our practices as makers to stop letting our fears and insecurities dictate what we create. If you want to do something you should just do it. If I’m starting to sound repetitive I apologize (because heaven knows I’ve rambled enough about this subject in this post and this podcast), but I can’t help but get up on my pep talk soapbox whenever it comes to tackling the (manageable and achievable) things in life that you’re scared of. If jeans-making is one of those things for you, this month will be all about inspiring and encouraging you to get started. If you’ve made one or dozens already, there will still be a lot coming your way to make your next pair of jeans even better.

Today was also supposed to mark the launch of our latest round of Cone Mills denim kits, but they sold out to our newsletter subscribers by midnight last night. I’m really sorry if anyone missed the opportunity to snag one, but we are working on sourcing more, although it’s challenge now that the US mill has closed (if you want first dibs next time around you can sign up for our newsletter here).

Denim kits aside, as an added incentive for No Fear Jeans Month, for  the duration of February all our jeans patterns and our jean-making online workshop are 30% off. The patterns are currently marked down in our shop so you don’t need a discount code, but if you visit our workshop through our menu link, you’ll need to enter the code NOFEARNEWJEANS. Keep in mind that our online course includes our mid-rise Ginger Jeans with enrollment,  so you don’t need to get a pattern separately to take the workshop.


If you want to  join us and make jeans in February (regardless if it’s your first pair or not!), let’s talk about it! Use the hashtag #nofearnewjeans on Instagram and Twitter so we can all find and support each other this month.  Just to keep things interesting, we’ll randomly choose a winner using the hashtag at the end of the month. I’m SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS because one of you will win an INDUSTRIAL RIVET AND JEANS BUTTON PRESS! Grommet Mart has very generously donated one of their beautiful hand presses, and I will be sharing a tutorial this month on how to use it; you’ll also get a $100 gift certificate to our shop. I really hope this starts an exciting conversation this month about how fun, satisfying and confidence boosting it is to make jeans. Those of you waffling in the corner… we got you! Let’s do this!

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