Introducing the Mid-Rise Ginger Jeans Pattern!

Mid-Rise Ginger Jeans Pattern // Closet Core Patterns

When we started working on our new jeans-making workshop, I wanted to offer a fun jeans pattern option, especially since many people already have the original Ginger in their pattern stash. I immediately thought of offering a mid-rise jean pattern, since my hacked mid-rise Gingers are some of the most worn in my closet (you can see an example here).

As a result, we’ve had a lot of requests from you to offer our Mid-Rise Gingers as a pattern outside the course, and we decided to save you some pattern hacking time and do just that: you can now purchase this PDF-only pattern in our shop. Because almost every pattern piece had to be drafted and regraded, it is a standalone pattern rather than a “variation”. Unlike our Flares (which only include the leg pieces), this is a complete pattern you can use on it’s own.

So what’s changed? The Mid-Rise Gingers sit about 1.25″ lower than our original high rise. It doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but the devil is in the details with jeans (I like to explain the difference between my work as a pattern designer and my past career as an interior designer as a change in obsessive scale – rather than losing sleep over a half foot, I now think and fixate on increments of a quarter inch).

These are drafted to sit just below your belly button, and in my opinion are the most comfortable rise – not so low that you grow a muffin top, not so high that they dig into your tummy when you sit down (or have eaten a massive meal: me, everyday).

I also think this proportion looks great on everyone. While fashion rules are meant to be broken, a mid-rise works well for short and long torsos equally, if that is something you are concerned about. The yoke height is a little shorter than the high rise, resulting in a perfectly proportioned seat. The pattern also includes my favourite pocket style, the slimming pocket stay (which extends from the side seams into the center front yoke, like comfy hidden spanx). Like the original Ginger Jeans, it comes with skinny or stovepipe leg options.

Fyi, the sample I made and modelled in the shop is the mid-rise with a  stovepipe leg, cropped by about 1″ (I am 5′-6″ and a size 12 for your reference).

I hope you’ll enjoy adding these to your denim wardrobe!


ps. Of course, if you’re comfortable with modifying patterns you can pretty easily hack your existing Gingers into a mid-rise. This pattern will either save you the hassle, or appeal to those of you who held off on our original pattern because a low or high rise isn’t your bag, baby.

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