Insano Printo: My First Amy Jumpsuit in Rayon Challis

Amy Jumpsuit Pattern in rayon challis // Handmade by Closet Core Patterns

At this point my stash is totally out of control. I am pretty helpless in the face of an interesting fabric, and between biz and personal sewing I can always make an excuse to add to the collection, despite my best intentions to rein it in. This insane purple geometric print was acquired during a mad run on rayon challis at a wholesaler's a year or so ago, although if you were to describe it to me I would probably make a big X with my arms (I'm less print inclined these days and purple is not my colour unless I'm listening to Prince). It's why we ended up using it for our first draft of the Amy Jumpsuit; there is no point in using something I like for a test. I was therefore shocked to put it on and discover I actually LOVE this print, especially in the context of a swishy, drapey jumpsuit that is basically like wearing an angel's whisper in clothing form.

This was the first proper sample we made while developing the pattern and it was pretty much love at first wearing. It became my defacto party outfit this summer; somewhere in between a slip dress/caftan/maxi dress, but with the comfort of two legs (I need to wear bike shorts with all dresses because of my #chubrub).  I had another solid blue rayon in a coordinating colour and used that for the straps; a simple but pleasing detail.

Just so you know how I suffer for you... I got stung by a wasp IMMEDIATELY before these photos were taken but the light was fading so I just tried to hide my tears. Amy and I brought up a stack of her namesake jumpsuits up to a rented cottage and we spent the day taking pictures of each other. It was a nice change from the strict schedule of using a photo studio and photographer, but I could have done without the damn wasp.

This was made in our standard 10 sample size, so there is a little less ease through the waist and hip since I'm generally a 10/12 up top and a 14 down below. For this reason I doubt if many of you will have to grade if you're a little more pear shaped like me. If you're a straight size or narrow hipped and like the shape but would like a little less ease/volume, you might want to consider grading to a smaller size from the bust down.  A quick baste fit will be your best guide here; check the final garment measurements to make sure you'll still have enough room to move around.

I love the legs the most. As I've mentioned this design was inspired by a jumpsuit I saw on a woman in London this spring. She was waiting for her coffee while I surreptitiously took pictures of her voluminously cropped legs. We successfully recreated it and I just want to twirl.

How do you feel about this silhouette? Do you like it easy and loose or would you prefer a belt?

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