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How to Sew an Invisible Zipper

Invisible zipper on an lined garment | Closet Core Patterns

Learning to sew invisible zippers is an essential sewing skill that can add a layer of sophistication to any garment. Because invisible zippers are hidden within a seam, they elevate your garments and give them a clean, minimal look while still allowing you to get in and out! There are a few easy tricks to make this a foolproof step so you won't feel intimidated the next time you encounter one in a project - read on for supplies and our helpful video tutorial walking you through the whole process!

How to Sew an Invisible zipper // Closet Core Patterns

Supplies You'll Need

  • An invisible zipper foot is an indispensable tool for this job. If you don't have one a regular zipper foot can *kind of* work but can be difficult to get smooth "invisible" results with.
  • Appropriate interfacing for your project, cut to length
  • An invisible zipper in the length you need for your projec. If you can't find the right length you can always cut it to size. Seal the bottom of the zipper teeth with a dense zig zag stitch to prevent your pull from falling off.

How to Add Invisible Zippers to Unlined and Lined Garments

In this video tutorial, we will be showing you how to install an invisible zipper. You will learn how to install a zipper to a single layer of fabric, and how to conceal it in a sandwich between the main fabric and the lining.

Our Patterns with Invisible Zippers

We’ve written a few blog posts on how to sew an invisible zipper for specific patterns, including our DIY Pouf Pattern, a lined garment like our Amy Jumpsuit, and how to add one to our Pietra Pants. Check them out for those more specific applications!

We hope you are excited to try invisible zippers on skirts, dresses, jumpsuits and any garment where you want an invisible closure!

Have you tried sewing invisible zippers? If you have any tips, tell us in the comments!

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