28 Aug 2014 • • by Heather Lou

Home Office Uniform: Hudson Pants

Closet Core Patterns: Hudson Pants

All my freelancer friends were filled with advice when I started working from home. "Don't sleep past 9am". "Have a shower every day, no matter what. No seriously - EVERY DAY". "Don't even think about skipping breakfast". And my favourite, "Don't wear jogging pants. Ever".

Well my friends, RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN. Yes, its true; grody paint-stained jogging pants you're still wearing even though you broke up with the guy you stole them from 10 years ago are not appropriate for channeling the entrepreneurial spirit. But you know what is? Beautifully designed track pants made from the softest marle grey French jersey you ever did see.

Closet Core Patterns - Hudson pants Closet Core Patterns: Hudson Pants

These are, of course, the Hudson Pants by True Bias. When I was fabric shopping in Mood I headed straight to the fleece section because I was desperate for a pair of cozy, comfy pants that I wouldn't be embarrassed being seen in when I walk to get my thrice a week Banh mi sandwich at lunchtime. I zeroed in right away on this fabric - I've never worked with French terry before but it is delicious - so soft and springy (unfortunately it's not available online). I also got the little waist tie in NY at Pacific Trimmings.

These pants are so fun and quick to make, as is the case with most knit projects. Kelli's instructions are clear and well written. The only change I made was to lengthen them by 1 1/2" - I thought maybe I would skip the ankle cuff and just do a folded hem but I got voted down on instagram. In the end, I'm quite happy with the cuff. I think they look pretty awesome with a pair of heels, and this is exactly what I wore when I went to meet a friend for coffee last week. I paired it with a self drafted t-shirt that I am still working the kinks out of. It's surprisingly tricky to get the perfect drape versus clingy factor; I wish I had bought more of this baby bum soft organic cotton at Mood. It's like being caressed with angel eyelashes.

Closet Core Patterns: Hudson Pants

Construction wise I just serged all the seams. The terry was a little thick in places, especially when I was sewing the pants, pocket and waistband together, but my serger was a total champ. It probably took 3 or 4 hours from start to finish, so yes, I will be making a lot more this fall. Though let's be honest, heels will probably not be making an appearance every day.

Closet Core Patterns: Hudson Pants Closet Core Patterns: Hudson Pants Closet Core Patterns: Hudson Pants

In my sportswear ode to Run DMC, I pulled out my favourite blingy gold necklace, a commemorative souvenir form the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Boys in my town always go nuts when they see this thing and try to steal it.  Speaking of boys, these pants are very close to being unisex. My monsieur tried them on and wouldn't take them off for the rest of the night, even though they were a little wide in the hips and short in the crotch. Kelli, I think that's how you spell success.

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