31 Oct 2018 • • by Heather Lou

Have a Very Disco Halloween

Disco Diva halloween costume // Closet Core Patterns

If you've been reading this blog for long, you know Halloween is basically my favourite thing about being alive. Nothing makes me happier than getting dressed up in something ridiculous that took way too much time and energy to make (for proof see here and here and here and here).

This year I decided to tie Halloween and Sew Frosting together in a neat little sparkly bow and make a costume I could maybe wear again. You know, because gold lame jumpsuits are SO practical out in the real world.

Meet my disco queen:

Technically, I was aiming for Maggie Trudeau, the iconic wife of our greatest prime minister (Pierre Trudeau, father of Justin). She was a 70s wild child who ran off with the Rolling Stones and hung out with Andy Warhol at Studio 54 and I've always loved her. She's a gorgeous, free-spirited symbol of freedom from my favourite style decade. Here is the inspiration image:

In all honesty, this costume may have been a little too specific. Even my prop of a babydoll with Justin Trudeau's face taped to it didn't really register with anyone at the party I went to.

So... general disco lady it is. *Shrugs*.

This costume gave me an excuse to finally do something with the vintage Vogue 9634 pattern my mom got me at a garage sale. The fabric is a super clingy, liquid gold knit from Mood. It hides NOTHING so I had to wear these Spanx-xy bike short things underneath to protect my dignity.

The pattern was a few sizes too small so I did some frantic, emergency grading a few days before Halloween. Because it's a simple knit, I just did a slash and spread adjustment to add width through the whole thing, but in hindsight, I should have added length through the crotch as well since it's a little tight in the tush.

It's a funny pattern - it calls for super stretchy knit fabric but then has all these facings they instruct you to hand tack to the inside (uhh, no weird  70s sewing pattern, I don't think I'll be doing that). Instead, I stitched all the facings in place with a  long, narrow zig zag and it worked just fine. One thing I am considering doing if I wear this again (when I wear this again)  is to hand stitch the neckline in place along the drawstring to create more of a V-shape at the front. On the envelope, it's open to the waist but even I don't love the 70s that much, so I sewed it a fewer inches higher, and I think a little wedge of skin at the neckline could be pretty.

For once, this costume didn't break the bank so  I splurged and got my hair done at the salon. I love that disco/30s style of straight on top and very curly at the bottom, and it felt nice to treat myself to a professional 'do.  Honestly, I've been obsessively googling perms ever since; this is what my fantasy hair looks like all the time. To keep it period I slathered on as much blue eyeshadow as my eyelids could handle and did a strong lip, because disco = more is more.

Disco hair and makeup // Closet Core Patterns

I wore this to a pretty chill house party before meeting a friend out a bit later. No one was in costume at the second location and I only felt a little overdressed, which I'm taking as a sign that I should and could wear this again.  I am headed to Palm Springs in March for a creative entrepreneur conference so I may pack it in the hopes of a dance party materializing. It feels Palms Spring appropriate.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a wonderful night. Let me know in the comments if you think I could get away with wearing this Halloween Frosting as Regular Life Frosting or if I should keep it in the tickle trunk and call it a day...

ps. I'm spending the night with friends watching Watcher in the Woods, my favorite scary movie of all time. I highly suggest giving it a chance if you love Bette Davis and can find it somewhere online... 

pps. Thank you to my pal EK from taking these pictures! For once I actually have decent images of a Halloween costume.

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