10 Mar 2015 • • by Heather Lou

Ginger Jeans with Ankle Zippers

ankle zipper

Hi everyone! I finally managed to snag some pictures of my new pair of Ginger jeans with ankle zips. They make me feel like Sandy in Grease after she gets the Pink Ladies bad-girl makeover.

Ginger skinny Jeans pattern + ankle zipperskinny jeans patternGinger skinny Jeans pattern + ankle zipper

These Gingers were made using some black Italian stretch denim I was testing for our sale. Unfortunately I didn't get them finished in time, so we didn't list them since I couldn't personally vouch for the recovery. While they don't have quite the same bounce-back factor as the Cone Mills, I'm still really happy with this fabric. It's borderline impossible to find good quality black bull denim (which just means the fabric was dyed after weaving) and this stuff has a nice hand and a decent amount of stretch. Although frankly, it's also a cat hair magnet, which means I basically go through a roll of packing tape before I leave the house so I don't set off allergic reactions from bystanders.

I love these and have worn them tons but I am kicking myself for not interfacing the waistband. I let the waist and hips out a little (too much baguette and cheese this winter, no regrets) and didn't want anything binding me at the stomach. However, I think an interfacing designed for knits would have been perfect. Since I faced the waistband with the same fabric, there is just too much stretch and they get too loose around the waist after a day or two. I am seriously considering ripping it all out and putting in a new waistband but if I'm honest, I'll probably just belt them after the second or third day.

skinny jeans pattern skinny jeans patternskinny jeans pattern

For this pair, I played with the rise. I wanted something in between the low and high-rise, so on View B I lowered everything by 1". In the back, I split the 1" between the yoke and back leg to maintain a nice bum proportion. I also used slightly wider pockets than I included in the pattern because I think they're more flattering on my caboose. If you'd like to play with them for your next pair, you can download the piece here.

For topstitching thread I used a dark navy; I like the subtle tone on tone of the stitching. The rivets and button are from our denim kits and I also sewed a black leather patch to the back waistband, just for funsies. The ankle zipper is a fun touch. I love the pop of brass and the exposed teeth, and I'll be sharing a tutorial on how to do it yourself later this week.

Ginger skinny Jeans pattern + ankle zipper

Anyone else feeling goth these days?  Something about all the overcast days and buckets of snow (yes, still) makes monochrome the only option when I'm getting dressed. Tell me I'm not alone!

Details: Ginger Jeans pattern, silk tank (similar pattern here), shoes: Hasbeens Fredrica,  lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss Collection 105

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