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Fabric Options | Kelly Anorak Sewalong

Fabric options for Kelly Anorak // Kelly Anorak Sewalong // Closet Core Patterns

Today I want to talk fabric for your Kelly Anorak. There are lots of options, so it's really up to you to decide what kind of jacket you want. Something soft and cottony that will get nicely broken in over time? Something waterproof and sporty? Something structured and a little more stiff like a waxed cotton? I've gone ahead and done a little legwork for you already; here are some great options.

Psssttt... we compiled this list many years ago so most of the above fabrics may no longer be available. Our sister brand Core Fabrics carries a ton of fabrics that will work perfectly for Kelly, so we suggest stopping there first!


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

Cotton twill is the obvious choice for this pattern and it's affordable and easy to source. The biggest consideration is getting something with a decent heft. I ordered a zillion samples when we were developing Kelly, and I think Robert Kaufman makes a twill with the right weight for this pattern. The line is called Ventana and they have over 60 colours on fabric.com; above are some of my favourite colours. Isn't that olive green perfect? Twill is soft and will get broken in like a great pair of jeans over time. If you want something waterproof, you can also try waxing it with a coat of Otter Wax.


one - stretch cotton twill // two - gold linen // three - rayon lycra twill // four - double sided cotton twill // five - brushed nylon twill // six - rayon nylon twill // seven - waxed cotton // eight - mercerized cotton twill // nine - stretch linen twill

Cotton twill isn't the only fabric to consider. I'm intrigued by the rayon and nylon lycra blends at Style Maker Fabrics, and Mood also has some interesting fabrics in stock right now. Take note of that peach twill in the second row above - it's double faced with a teal colour on the other side. Wouldn't that little pop of colour contrast be glorious in an unlined jacket?

You may want to consider a stretch twill as well. They generally have a little more structure because of the lycra content, but they will definitely make for a very comfy jacket. I'm also planning on making one in linen for a light spring coat next year.


one - waterproof breathable fabric// two - goretex // three - waterproof twill // four - waterproof breathable fabric // five - goretex // six - goretex // seven - organic cotton ripstop // eight - organic cotton ripstop // nine - organic cotton  ripstop

If you want something a  little sportier and able to withstand the elements, there are lots of options out there. Rocky Woods has a huge selection of performance fabrics, and I've also included a few organic cotton ripstops from fabric.com. If you are planning on making a raincoat, be sure to pick up some seam sealant as well, otherwise water will be able to permeate your stitch line.

If you're unsure, I always recommend ordering swatches first. This is particularly helpful with waterproof fabrics since you can test how water reacts to them before you buy.

What fabric are you planning to use for your Kelly?

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