08 Aug 2014 • • by Heather Lou

Colette Mabel in Ikat

Closet Core Patterns: Colette Mabel

I've been sewing pretty much non-stop for the last month, just not stuff I can talk about yet (wink, wink). I was kind of desperate to do some selfish sewing though, but it had to be achievable in a few hours so I wouldn't feel guilty about making pretties for myself on a Tuesday afternoon instead of working. What better thing to make than a Colette Mabel? I picked up the PDF a few months ago and I'd been waiting for a window when I could crank one out.

This is a FAST make! Like, two podcasts and you're done fast. And instant gratification is always more satisfying when it's something you know you'll wear ALL THE TIME. Because FYI, nothing is more comfortable or functional for someone who works from home than a comfy knit skirt. Having a wardrobe full of these babies basically makes my pajama dressing unconscionable.

Closet Core Patterns: Colette Mabel Closet Core Patterns: Colette Mabel Closet Core Patterns: Colette Mabel

It's a simple design but the details are really well thought out. I made version 2 because I loved the little button placket detail and I wanted to practice my pattern matching skills. Didn't even see the two center seams there, did you? * Brushes imaginary dust off shoulders in display of pride *

Closet Core Patterns: Colette Mabel

I used a thin, drapey ponte from Girl Charlee. I ordered it a few months ago so it's no longer available, which is just as well. It's already started pilling after a few wears: thankfully the business of the ikat print conceals it. I've yet to find a ponte that doesn't pill at some point, which is enraging since it so close to being a perfect fabric. When I'm in NY next week I'll be stalking Mood for high quality double knits so I can knock out about 8 more of these.

The most time consuming thing about this project was laying out my fabric for maximum ikat  pattern match perfection, and agonizing over what buttons to choose. I am blessed with a few cookie tins of buttons that I purchased at a seamstress' estate sale a few years ago, but finding a set of matching ones took over an hour (I finally organized the stash in mason jars according to colour based on the instagram suggestion of Annessa.) I used these slightly iridescent cream buttons  that pick up the cream in the fabric, but I only had 4 instead of the recommend 5. I will survive.

Closet Core Patterns-Colette Mabel Skirt-detail

Closet Core Patterns: Colette Mabel

Couldn't be simpler construction wise. All serged seams with a double needle finish on the center placket and hem. The waistband is a stretch knit from my stash. I paired it with my favourite self drafted tee, which I really need to make many more of since this one is getting pretty dingy. I've also been wearing it with my summer staple, oversized men's oxford shirts. Doesn't get easier in the morning.

So, a big thumbs up for this pattern! It's actually my first Colette make which is pretty shocking, but I think their new knit designs are a little more my speed these days. If you do buy the PDF and want to get it copied at a professional printer, make sure they have a roll that is at least 38" wide - I printed mine on a 36" wide roll and it got cut off.

Incidentally, I've had a few requests asking about the shoes I'm wearing here (and in pretty much every post this summer). I finally caved and bought a pair of Hasbeens this year and they are all that they say they are. Super comfy, and these gold ones
kind of go with EVERYTHING. The braiding needs to be worn in, which is why I suggest wearing them with a pair of damp socks for a day or two to soften them up. I little spendy, but I only buy a few pairs of shoes a year these days, and I'm trying to buy the best I can afford.

Enjoy August my friends! I hope you're sun kissed and swimming in as many bodies of water as possible.


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