13 Jan 2015 • • by Heather Lou

A Coco Dress With a Side of Leg

Coco Dress Tilly and the Buttons

Let me share a piece of hard-earned wisdom with you: never, ever hem a dress while wearing leggings. Yes, you are keeping your apartment at a cool 19 degrees and are rarely ever not wearing a dozen layers, and maybe are feeling particularly lazy on that particular day about taking the 30 seconds to remove said leggings (which may have also involved removing heavy wool socks, leg warmers and moccassins) but just do it.

Because otherwise you may fail to realize just how damn short your beloved new Coco is. The Coco you had in mind back in the summer when you bought two yards of pricey but delicious high quality ponte at Mood. The ponte you eye-banged every time you opened your stash closet. The black and white striped, heavy but drapey ponte you really should have splurged and bought more of. Observe the evidence:

Coco Dress Tilly and the Buttons

She's laughing but really she's thinking, "I'm maybe a little too old to pull off skirts quite this short, and I will have to bring a towel to sit on every time I take the metro wearing this, because otherwise my bum will be touching the sweaty seat excretions of thousands of Montrealers".

Coco Dress Tilly and the Buttons Coco Dress Tilly and the ButtonsCoco Dress Tilly and the Buttons

She's thinking, "This is really going to have to be an opaque tights dress only, or perhaps a tunic to be worn with leggings, because mercy me, this is not a bike-riding dress, a metro-sitting dress, or a bending over dress. This is an upskirt dress".

Coco Dress Tilly and the Buttons

Perhaps I'm over-reacting. It really is the comfiest, coziest Coco ever and I've certainly had dresses this short in the past. But my original Coco was at least 2 inches longer, so when tunic & leggings season is over I may just hack this one into a breton top. And remind myself to never, ever hem while wearing leggings again.

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