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Closet Core Patterns + Core Fabrics: Your Questions Answered!


Hello y'all! As you might have heard, Closet Core Patterns has a new sister brand, Core Fabrics, and it is launching next Tuesday, August 17th. Since things are changing around here, we wanted to let you know all about how the two brands and shops will interact with each other and where you should begin when looking to make a purchase with either store.

On the Closet Core Patterns side, nothing will change for you. If you have an account with us already, are signed up for the newsletter, or have bought a pattern or a course everything is staying the same. You will still access your digital patterns, our sewing resource library and your online courses on the Closet Core site. If you want PDF or print patterns, courses or kits, you can still purchase them just like you usually do.

If you signed up for the Core Fabrics newsletter, you will be emailed a unique code in the morning on launch day that will give you a discount off everything in your cart. This can be used on fabric, notions, tools, and print and PDF patterns ( please note it can not be used on gift cards, and expires Friday September 3rd at midnight EST). This discount cannot be used in the Closet Core site; it is only available to people who have signed up for the Core Fabrics newsletter. If you purchase a PDF on the Core Fabrics site, you will have to make a new account; we cannot combine digital download accounts between the two stores. However, if we ever make a change or update to one of our patterns, you will still be notified by email just like you would on the Closet Core website. Just one of the benefits of us all being in the same building!

Annnnddddd.... just to make things extra fun, Closet Core Patterns is releasing a new pattern in conjunction with the launch of the fabric store on Tuesday! You can purchase the new pattern on Core Fabrics or Closet Core Patterns, but if you are signed up for the Core Fabrics newsletter (it's not too late!) you can use your subscriber discount code to get the new pattern on the Core Fabrics website only. For our launch, we wanted to offer you a gorgeous new pattern and all the gorgeous fabrics we handpicked for it, so you can get everything you need with just a few clicks. Going forward, we are moving to a seasonal pattern collection model so we can create curated fabrics for all our pattern collections. It's gonna be so fun.

So what can you get in this new shop??


Our new shop will feature:

  • A curated selection of high quality, sustainably produced fabrics to suit a wide range of garment types, all with the Core Fabrics stamp of approval 
  • Notions like zippers, needles and threads, as well as the entire range of Closet Core Patterns hardware kits (Jeans kits, Tailoring kits etc.)
  • Closet Core Patterns in both PDF and Print format (eventually we hope to start stocking patterns from other indie companies as well!)
  • A beautiful selection of tools and goodies to stock your sewing space!

One of the features we're most excited about is our "Perfect Match" browsing option. This will let you shop for fabrics perfectly suited to each of our patterns, taking the guesswork out of what fabric to choose when you're starting a project. We don't yet have collections of fabric for every pattern in our catalog (especially for specific categories like swimwear) but we hope to build this up in the months to come.


Both online shops are located in Montreal but we are happy to ship internationally. Canadian orders ship via Canada Post, and American orders are shipped via USPS. We are currently trying to get set-up with a new international shipping provider which should bring the cost of international shipments down. We appreciate your patience with us while we optimize this process but please keep in mind it is a high priority for us since we want to make shipping affordable for everyone! We also want to note that we are committed to investing in sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impact of shipping. The transportation used to ship our orders burns fossil fuels and generates carbon emissions so to help minimize our footprint, we participate in a system to help offset carbon emissions. For each package we ship, we contribute funds based on distance travelled and weight of package to forest conservation projects. You can learn more about this initiative here.

As for currency, we have multi-currency checkout enabled, so you can view prices and checkout in your choice of USD, CAD, EUR, GBP and AUD. Please note that due to recent legislative changes in the EU and UK, we are now obligated to charge and remit VAT on all orders, whether digital or physical. The good news is that we show proof of VAT payment on all international shipments, which may make customs and borders clearance a bit easier for lower value packages. That said, we are not responsible for additional customs or duties collected at your border.


Currently, the only products not available in the Core Fabrics store are our sewing courses. For technical reasons these are only being offered from the Closet Core Patterns shop. If you prefer to purchase print patterns with your course and you're also interested in buying fabric, please email us to coordinate combining shipping by emailing us through our contact form.

So, that's it! If you have any questions you can always email us at support@closetcorepatterns.com or comment below!


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