02 Mar 2017 • • by Heather Lou

Chambray & Shibori Print Tamarack Jacket

Quilted Tamarack Jacket with Shibori print lining // Closet Core Patterns

Oh the unblogged personal projects I have to share! During a month or so of relative downtime (ie. not making a million samples for future patterns and working a regular, normal amount of hours per week) I went to town on my stash and always looming “to make” list and sewed so many things.

As I’ve been working my way through the book A Curated Closet, I’ve been thinking a lot more intelligently and thoughtfully about the sorts of things I want to add to my wardrobe. Which reminds me: I really need to get around to sharing some of my personal conclusions from that book since I love looking at people’s wardrobe architecting. I dsicovered one of the big holes in my closet was cozy layers for our hellish winters, even if I did recently learn that shivering all day isn’t normal, and finally shook off the 19 degree brainwashing imposed on me by my frugal parents and turned the thermostat up to a much more workable 21 degrees celsius. Alexis and I realized we’d been suffering needlessly for months. Two degrees makes all the difference

Even with my thermostat deprogramming, I still love being bundled up like a kid on a snow day, so when Jen released the Tamarack Jacket in printed form I snapped it up quickly (which is good because the print version is temporarily sold out).

This was one of those big, time consuming projects that you happily sink into. The construction isn’t necessarily complicated, but patience is required with all that handmade bias tape and quilting, especially if you’re really going for it with a more intensive quilting pattern.

That said, I loved making this so.much. While I’m not sure the style is completely “me” (Guillaume likes to tease that I look like a bourgeois French suburban soccer mom whenever I wear it… gotta love that *french honesty*) I’ve been wearing it regularly all winter long. The sleeves are nice and roomy so its kind of the perfect thing to layer over sweaters.

I was also happy to stash bust the hell out of it. The chambray has been hanging around forever from who knows where, part of the endless mountain of chambrays I am constantly amassing. The lining is my favourite, a silky soft shibori print voile from April Rhodes’ last collection for Art Gallery Fabrics (you can find it for sale here). April sent this to me back in the summer and I finally found the perfect project for it. Since I had just barely enough, I didn’t bother fussing with print placement but I’m not losing any sleep over it.

The quilting motif was something I agonized over. I sewed up a  number of samples before settling on this simple yet geometric pattern. It took a few evenings to methodically work my way through quilting everything, but this is what rewatching the Office and podcasts are for. I had never really quilted anything before, so it was fun learning a new skill (and learning what those long arms that come with walking foots actually do – guide long lines of stitching!)

The entire jacket is finished with chambray bias tape which I stitched entirely by machine because obvious reasons. I especially love how it looks when I roll up the sleeves and a little bit of shibori peeks out.

Quilted Tamarack Jacket with Shibori print lining // Closet Core Patterns

The Tamarack must have given me the quilting bug, because I finally finished my WIP quilt from last year (free motion! madness!) and am planning to make up M7549, the really cute cropped quilted jacket from McCalls. I think that silhouette will be more appropriate for dressier outfits, and I’m kind of obsessed with the quilting pattern they did on the main envelope samples (although when I looked at the instructions they have you quilt huge pieces of fabric and then cut your pieces from that, which is COMPLETELY INSANE AND UNNECESSARY, sigh, Big 4). I’ll be using up some of the “flawed” black denim from our recent kits using the shinier “wrong side of the fabric, so that should be fun.

What do you think of the quilted jacket trend? Have you made up the Tamarack yet?

Details: Tamarack Jacket with blue chambray and shibori voile, Penny Raglan tee, Ginger Jeans, Firmoo glasses)

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