I cannot even tell you how excited I was to hear that Tilly’s first book Love at First Stitch: Demystifying Dressmaking was at last being published in North America, and that I was finally going to get my dirty little hands on its oh-so-pretty pages. I wanted to buy it the minute it came out, but alas, shipping from the UK is no joke.

This is truly one of the prettiest sewing books I’ve ever seen. Everything, from the garments to the graphics to the instructions, looks fabulous. It’s got that fresh, poppy 60’s vibe that I associate with Tilly; it’s the sort of book you can display on your coffee table, which is always a consideration at the Closet Casa.

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This book is geared towards the novice sewer, which isn’t surprising since Tilly has built her growing business by addressing the needs of those new to the craft. It’s a beautifully written and encouraging guide for those who want to master basic skills, and it would be my first choice for any friends who want to start sewing. Unlike a lot of intro to sewing books, all of the steps are photographed instead of illustrated, which is helpful when you’re first starting out. The seven included designs range from a super simple headscarf and pajamas to more advanced projects like a skirt, blouse and  two dresses.


From a design perspective, I love the bright colour story and clean modern layout. It really is a joy to read cover to cover, which I did the day it arrived. The chapters are also punctuated with fun entries on “Make It a Lifestyle”; tips on making a great sewing space, shopping for fabric, fitting sewing into a busy life, etc. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have a spiral edge which is better when you’re reading while working, but it does include real paper patterns which are so much easier to sew with.

Love-at-first-stitch-book-review-15 Love-at-first-stitch-book-review-11

While I’m a more advanced sewist than the target audience for this book, I still loved it and would have bought even if I hadn’t been sent a copy. It’s just so pretty! Throw in some cute patterns and a fun host to sew with and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Speaking of winners, I have one copy to give away! The other one I am happily displaying on my coffee table. Leave a comment below, like Closet Core Patterns on Facebook and I’ll choose someone randomly in a few days. I am going to restrict this giveaway to readers in the US and Canada only since shipping a book can be a little pricey. Hope that’s okay!

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