How to Blend Between Views for the Ebony Tee


Today I want to share a couple of really simple pattern mods you can make to the Ebony Tee. It’s relatively easy to blend between the two views, so you can mix and match the different lengths and sleeves to your heart’s content.

I also wanted to mention that we have updated the long sleeve pattern piece for View A & B. I think we’ve notified most of our customers by this point, but I thought I’d mention it here just in case you missed the news. Basically there was a grading error on the long sleeve that I didn’t catch until after we launched; it runs a little small from sizes 0-4. The piece has since been updated and can be downloaded here. Please note if you are between sizes 20-6 you are unaffected. We are reprinting the piece and it will be included in the paper pattern (the digital files have already been fixed) so this really only applies to people who ordered the pattern in the first two weeks.

Okay, on to pattern mod-ing!


The raglan for the tunic is a short sleeve. If you’d like something a little bit longer (a mod I’ve already seen a few people doing on Instagram) simply center the raglan sleeve on the longer sleeve, with the corners of the armscye more or less in line with each other. Than draw two straight lines from the corners of the raglan armscye down to the longer sleeve hem and trace off your new piece. When you sew up the sleeve you may want it tighter depending on your preference; if so, just take it in along the side seam.

Lengthening Raglan Sleeve // Ebony Tee knit dress & t-shirt pattern // Closet Core Patterns


Not everyone is a fan of the cropped shirts we’re seeing lately. They demand a high waisted bottom and a personal ability to withstand drafts. Alternately, you may just want to make a regular t-shirt length Ebony (which is on my to-do list right now). There are two ways you can lengthen the crop top.

In the first method (pictured at left below), you’ll just cut along the lengthen/shorten line and split the pieces apart the desired amount, and then true the side seam line. This will maintain the same amount of volume but will just lengthen the overall shirt.

However, if you want a longer and more voluminous tee, slide the cropped tee line down the desired amount, and then trace it lower down on the dress.  Extend the curve into the side seam and ensure that front and back match up along the seam. This method will lengthen the tee without narrowing the hem, ensuring more volume and drape in the fabric.

Lengthening cropped tee // Ebony Tee knit dress & t-shirt pattern // Closet Core Patterns


If you’d like to make a raglan sleeved dress, or a long sleeved tunic, overlap the front pattern pieces along the center front. Pull the raglan piece down until the widest part aligns with the side seam of the dress. Either trace off your new tunic hem, or extend the hem of the raglan. Just make sure you make the same change to the back, and ensure the side seams match up properly.

Making Raglan dress // Ebony Tee knit dress & t-shirt pattern // Closet Core Patterns

Are there any other pattern modifications you’d like to know about? I’m all ears.

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