Bespoke Tailoring Details for the Jasika Blazer

Bespoke Tailoring Details // Closet Core Patterns

Hey guys, Amy here. One of the greatest joys of sewing (in my opinion) is the endless customization, personalization, and tiny details you can obsess over while the rest of the RTW world has to TAKE WHAT THEY GET. From beginning to end, sewing is a series of little choices that add up to a totally, 100%, one of a kind, article of clothing. In a tailoring context, this is even more enviable. To have a custom suit jacket made on Savile Row is beyond most people’s budgets. And even then, you would probably have to settle on just one. With the Jasika Blazer pattern we are bringing those bespoke, tailoring details to your finger tips! Our hope is, as you become comfortable with the techniques you feel free to add all those little custom touches that truly elevate clothing to the next level.

Today we’re sharing some details you can apply to your very own Jasika. Obviously, these are mostly menswear images; it is only fairly recently the tailored jacket even entered the sphere of women’s wear. But we are used to stealing from the boys! So don’t let the man hands throw you off, in the right context all these dandyish details can be applied to a natty lady jacket. So get inspired! Let’s take a look.


Bespoke Tailoring Details // Closet Core Patterns
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Customizing your collar is a great way to add instant personality to your blazer. Think about materials – what about switching the top collar or under collar fabric to something with texture or colour? Adding ribbon or trim can help define the shape, and adding a secret embroidered message under the collar is about as bespoke as it gets.


Bespoke Tailoring Details // Closet Core Patterns
one //two //three //four// five //six //seven // eight // nine // ten

We love the idea of making the insides just as pretty at the outsides (Heather has been known to sing the song Pretty Guts to the tune of Adelweiss around the office). Adding piping or flat trim to your lining is one way; adding a secret breast pocket or hidden label is another. Thankfully we have tutorials for both these ideas coming your way shortly.


Bespoke Tailoring Details for the Jasika Blazer // Closet Core Patterns
one // two // three // four // five // six // seven //eight //nine

Just because something is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be bee-yoo-tee-ful. Buttons and buttonholes are an area where you can really express yourself. Experimenting with thread colour, buttonhole shape or even making a gorgeous bound buttonhole will all add instant personality to your jacket.


Bespoke Tailoring Details // Closet Core Patterns
one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

Our Jasika has two classic pocket styles; an angled breast welt and double welt pocket with our without a flap. Don’t let this hold you back though! You can add stacked pockets, change the shape or angle of your welts, add patch pockets or personalize further with topstitching and piped details. The world is your pocket oyster.

Hope you find these details as inspiring as we do!

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