06 Dec 2018 • • by Amy

Announcing the #SewFrosting Challenge Winners!!


Hi everyone! This #sewfrosting challenge has been a wild ride! I never expected it would take off quite as it has, and Kelli and I were positively overwhelmed when it came time to pick our winners. At last glance, our hashtag had reached over 1900 entries, and we were completely blown away by your creativity and skill. It’s been so exciting to see what your clever hands came up with, and we’ve all been feeling super inspired and more deeply in love with our community than ever.

So without further ado, let’s get to the winners!!


SewFrosting Challenge Winners // Closet Core Patterns
(Clockwise from L) Bianca // Denise // Jay // Beck


SewFrosting Challenge Winners // Closet Core Patterns
Catherine // Sylvia // Khira // Adrienne

And the winner is…

Congratulations Keira! This gorgeous lady is on the island of Barbados and collects garbage off the beach to make these beautiful sequins. You have to read about the process behind making this beautiful blazer. It blew our minds. SEA GARBAGE SEQUINS! Project Runway eat your heart out.


SewFrosting Challenge Winners // Closet Core Patterns
Alyssa // Amber // Julia // Cortney


Erin // Steph // Ruva // Christine

The winner is…

Elora! We had a very hard time picking a winner for our couture challenge since you guys made some truly jaw-dropping magic happen… but Elora won us over with her self-drafted gown and gorgeous finishing (check out her stories to learn more about her process). Congrats Elora!


SewFrosting Challenge Winners // Closet Core Patterns
Rosie // Valerie // Sarah // Leslie


SewFrosting Challenge Winners // Closet Core Patterns
Christine // Sarah // Rhiannon // Meridy

And the winner is…

Katie! When I was scrolling through the frosting I stopped in my tracks when I spotted this beautiful print matching. So colourful, so modern. Then we learned this gal HAND PAINTED the fabric before she made her dress. Creativity to the max! While I don’t know if the real Oona has ever hand painted fabric, she wholeheartedly endorsed our choice and we are over the  moon in love with this dress. Seriously, Katie I’m coming for it.


And for our community winners! We have three prize packs to give away to three people I randomly chose on Instagram (check our stores today for that). Those lucky ladies are:




Just a reminder, here are our prizes. Winners will be contacted by Kelli about collecting their booty.

Thanks so much to all who participated! You all did such gorgeous work and it was nearly impossible to narrow it down and make our final choices. We heartily encourage you to continue sewing frosting, and we hope that hashtag continues to be a super exciting resource for you!

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