09 Feb 2016 • • by Heather Lou

Animal Print and Neon Carolyn Pajamas

Carolyn Pajamas in animal print flannel and neon piping // Closet Core Patterns

I speak to you from the Land of Puppy. In LOP, you constantly have stinky treats in your pockets and poop bags at your fingertips. You are smothered with kisses, climbed over like a jungle gym and presented with so many adorable puppy body parts (pink bellies, strokable ears, soft, squishable paws) that it is hard to choose which one to love more at any given time. You are woken up multiple times a night for potty breaks. You are definitely a little sleep deprived, and start feeling a keen empathy for everyone you know with babies. You want a happy, independent dog so you harden our heart just a little to puppy cries, even if inside you're smothering the desire to wear him in a baby sling 24/7, just to feel that soft puppy fur and little heart beating all day long.

In Land of Puppy, the most important thing in your closet is a pair of warm, flannel pajamas. When it's 2am and your phone is bleating and the puppy is making full bladder whines, you need to be fast out of bed, down two flights of stairs, and into that cold, snow covered alley so you can sleepily mutter, "Go potty, go potty, go potty" without freezing your (human) tail off.

Flannel Pajamas_Carolyn Pajama Pattern Flannel Pajamas_Carolyn Pajama Pattern-3 Flannel Pajamas_Carolyn Pajama Pattern-2

While I made these cozy Carolyn Pajamas long before Harry came home, I am so grateful for them this week. Even though they have an abstract cat print, I don't think he minds, as long as he can gnaw on the hem every once and awhile. They were desperately needed, puppy notwithstanding. I am trying to get in the habit of actually keeping my pattern samples in unworn condition, and had been wearing old, imperfect Carolyn muslins around the house. Super inspired by Christine's use of neon piping on her set of Carolyns, I picked some of this neon yellow stuff up at Pacific Trimming in New York and waited until the right flannel fell into my lap, which happened one day at my wholesaler's. If you'd like to have a go at neon piping, I found some on Etsy here.

Flannel Pajamas_Carolyn Pajama Pattern-8

These were my last finished project before I left for France. I wanted something cute to wear in the morning around G's family, and they came in extremely handy when I had food poisoning. You'll always be grateful for cozy flannel pajamas when you are lying on the bathroom floor at your father in-laws house, trust me.

Flannel Pajamas_Carolyn Pajama Pattern-6 Flannel Pajamas_Carolyn Pajama Pattern-9

The neon makes me so happy! Such a fun way to add definition to the design lines.  I'll definitely be buying more; I'd like to make a few more pairs of Carolyn Pajamas this year, since I suspect I'll be out in that alley every night for a very long time.

Ps. If you're not instagram, you may have missed the Harry deluge... you can see my little lovebug here.

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