17 Dec 2019 • • by Amy

Ali's Sienna Maker Jacket

Sienna Maker Jacket by Ali // Closet Core Patterns

Hey all, Ali here! I am the CCP shipping and customer support coordinator, and not only is this my first Closet Core blog post, but it's all about my first wearable garment! I am still getting used to the creation of a 3D garment, and the control that this craft gives to its maker, as well as the attention to detail that is required for the basic principles of sewing. Dressing myself has always brought joy and has come naturally as my armor as well as my primary form of self-expression. Sewing is an exciting journey for me because it offers a new form of control. Rather than a formula of mixing and matching and shaping an outfit, I can consider the basic elements of garment construction, as I’d like them to appear. I decided to make the View B of our Sienna Maker Jacket and added the View C sleeve with the hidden pocket; I decided to colour block it to add a little interest.

Sienna Maker Jacket by Ali // Closet Core Patterns

In case you're wondering. the fabric is heavy duty canvas Heather found at one of our local fabric stores, and I used a scrap of denim for the sleeve. When I began working on my Sienna, I started at home, using my old Singer Featherweight that I got when I was 16. I faced several bobbin setbacks (rookie move, I know) but finally was able to accomplish the assembly and attachment of the collar and lapel - which was my mountain to summit. I am someone who still gets anxious using my hands, I often feel my creative capacities are located in my head and sometimes put up a mental block for learning hands-on skillsets. Though once the hard part was over, taking every step-by-step with deep breaths helped to make the mountain become a molehill.

Sienna Maker Jacket by Ali // Closet Core Patterns Sienna Maker Jacket by Ali // Closet Core Patterns

On my last day of construction, I had to work through several steps in one day, and found myself so dedicated to the soul of this jacket by the end of my sewing session. I had pricked my finger with pins numerous times, bled onto the hem, and then secured the hem, happily, with my blood sweat and tears.

Sienna Maker Jacket by Ali // Closet Core Patterns Sienna Maker Jacket by Ali // Closet Core Patterns

Sienna Maker Jacket by Ali // Closet Core PatternsSienna Maker Jacket by Ali // Closet Core Patterns

A huge thanks goes to the team here for their support, I know that not everyone has a fleet of talented sewists around them, but truly, if I can make this jacket, you can make this jacket! Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and a wearable friend will emerge.



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