19 Oct 2017 • • by Heather Lou

A Kalle Shirtdress pattern in Blue Tencel

Kalle Shirtdress in blue tencel // sewing pattern by Closet Core Patterns

I just realized this week I totally failed to post about this Kalle shirtdress I made in the spring. I’ve had photos edited and waiting to go, but just plum forgot. Which is weird because this was easily one of my most worn items this summer; it got packed on every trip and was generally the garment I reached for most when it was so hot and sticky I just wanted to live inside my freezer drawer.

I don’t have nearly enough Kalles in my life, odd considering it’s one of my favourite patterns and in the end, we’ve sewn god knows how many. Most are unwearable/half finished muslins, and the rest we shoot and then keep in pristine condition in our sample closet (which we occasionally lend out to magazines, and also just for prosperity). After the frenzy of sample making that happens before we launch a pattern, sometimes it takes some time to feel like sewing that particular garment again, even if I really love the design. I decided I definitely needed a new dress, since the white linen one I originally made is starting to look a little worse for wear.

For this version, I finally used this gorgeous blue tencel that had been needlessly languishing in my stash. I opted for the hidden placket since I wanted something more on the minimalist spectrum. Otherwise, it’s basically a size 10 straight of the packet. I’d normally grade to a 12 or 14 through the hip but since the Kalle is so loose I don’t find it necessary.

I really did wear this dress all.the.time, but had to just accept the fact that tencel wrinkles like the skin on rice pudding no matter what you do (can you tell I’m doing the Whole 30 right now and am utterly fixated on sugar and dairy products 24/7?) With my love of linen has come a tolerance of wrinkles of all kinds, so it doesn’t bother me much. Kinda adds to that whole easy breezy summer dress vibe anyway, am I right?

*** Now cannot stop thinking about rice pudding.

I could probably get away with wearing this for a while longer layered with tights, but I wore it so much this summer I’m kind of happy to give it a break and come back to it in the spring. However, we are working on a sleeve expansion for Kalle, so I’m planning on making another shirt and dress in cozy flannel.

What did you wear to death this summer? And would you wear Kalle all year long if it had longer sleeves?

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