27 May 2021 • • by Amy

5 Weekend Capsule Wardrobe Ideas!

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As we all get closer to things opening up and the idea of traveling again I find my mind turning to mini-vacation options and that feeling of hitting the road. I love planning little trips and part of that for me is thinking about what kind of activities we'll be doing and thinking of what to wear ahead of time. Not only do you get to look forward to the full experience but you get to relax and enjoy the trip and getting ready without wondering if you have the right bra. A bath and a drink before dinner with your dress steaming on the back of the door in a nice hotel room is my idea of heaven. Remember traveling??? Wheeeeeee.

So with that in mind, I put together 5 little mini capsule wardrobes for very different styles of weekends. Throw in your toothbrush, underwear, and whatever you sleep in and you can walk out the door with not much more than a tote bag. Personally, after more than a year in my house, surrounded by every single one of my family of four's belongings, I'm more than ready to pack light.

Let's go, baby!

Beach Get Away

5 Capsule Wardrobes for a Weekend Away! // Closet Core Patterns

For a night or two at the resort, all you need is a Sophie Swimsuit, a beach cover-up like our Kalle Shirtdress, and a pair of flip flops. Our breezy Charlie Caftan is perfect for sipping something cool in the shade, or dinner on the patio and can be made in three different views. It can even be made up with pockets so you don't need a purse for a room key! Easy breezy.

Sightseeing in the City

5 Capsule Wardrobes for a Weekend Away! // Closet Core Patterns

Up next is our museum-hopping trip around a busy metropolis! Whether it's New York, Lisbon, or Lagos one thing holds true, you can't go wrong in dark denim (Ginger Jeans). Not only will you feel like a local anywhere in the world but they won't show stains and you'll never have the spine-tingling feeling of the back of your bare thighs touching a questionable subway seat. I like the idea of Cielo made with the puffy sleeve (for air conditioning) but in a white linen that would breathe like a dream. These open-toed shoes are for the two-block walk to dinner in my Elodie Wrap Dress. Not pictured: tennis shoes for walking all day.

Wine Tasting at the Vineyard

5 Capsule Wardrobes for a Weekend Away! // Closet Core Patterns

For the record, I've never actually done this. This one could just as easily be "Family Reunion in the Backyard of my Inlaws Weekend", but the stock image for that was much less sexy. Either way, the vibe is dressed up enough to feel cute, but casual enough that you can get down in the dirt to sniff the Terroir (play with the cousins.) In the suitcase: Fiore made up in a cool light denim, a boxy Cielo in a creamy slubby noil, and a chartreuse Fiona in a crisp heavyweight linen. This is one where you embrace the wrinkles.

Camping Adventure

5 Capsule Wardrobes for a Weekend Away! // Closet Core Patterns

While our Mile End Sweatshirt and Plateau joggers are an obvious choice for a weekend of hiking and sleeping in a tent, Sallie might not be so predictable. As kids, our camping tradition was to take a swim in the lake at the end of the day and then put on our pajamas to make hotdogs and smores around the fire. I have so many pictures of kids sitting around a campsite, munching on whatever, dressed like a unicorn. I was a kid in the 80s! We wore neon for real! Something about the idea of slipping into a polka dot jumpsuit all clean from lake water to make some grub... I wanna be 10 again.

Last Minute Roadtrip

5 Capsule Wardrobes for a Weekend Away! // Closet Core Patterns

Your best friend is vaxxed and you've got to book it one State over to finally hug her in person. This hasn't happened for us yet (ol one shot Canucks so far) but just the thought of it is making me well up. I miss my girlfriends SO MUCH and some of my best memories are driving down the highway, blasting tunes, living my full Thelma and Louise fantasy. Necessary items: elastic waistbands (Pietra Shorts) or even better, no waistband (Ebony Tee and Amy Jumpsuit). Throw in a pair of mules and hit the trail.

Well I don't know about you but I'm ready to say goodbye to my family and head out the door with a backpack full of linen. Bye!

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