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2020 Gift Guide for Makers

Our 2020 Gift Guide for Makers // Closet Core Patterns

Hi y'all! Amy here. I absolutely cannot believe I am putting together another gift guide! This weird year has both dragged on and flew by and I have officially lost all sense of time. We are facing a holiday season in Montreal that is essentially banning us from seeing people other than the ones we already live with, so while I was going through these gift ideas I was eyeing a lot of them for myself... and my sanity. Whether it is sewing, crafting or labeling everything in your pantry, I tried to find things to do that would be both soothing and not a total waste of time (I'm looking at you Netflix) to do over the holidays. With that in mind, let's take a look at some beautiful and fun ideas and gifts for the maker in your life!


  1. Japanese basting cotton: This is a good versatile thread for stitches that are meant to be pulled out (hand basting) and those that aren't (visible mending). It comes in a wide variety of colours.
  2. Tulip basting needles: These are the BEST needles for hand basting the thread above.
  3. Vintage style label maker: Heather got one of these recently and has been labelling everything in sight. I love the look of the raised letters!
  4. Chi professional iron: I got this iron for my home studio and absolutely love it. You have to watch out though - since it is 1700W, you need to have a breaker that can handle THAT MUCH IRONING POWER.
  5. Clover disappearing marker: There is nothing more satisfying than drawing with purple marker on white fabric and know that it will disappear like magic in a few days. A great stocking stuffer!
  6. Canadian Tire pattern weights: Am I joking? Yes and no. Yes, these are hockey pucks from our fave store, but do they also make amazing pattern weights?? Sure do.
  7. Seam ripper: this seam ripper happens to have a "thread eraser" at the end, which makes removing stray threads as easy as rubbing it on fabric. A true miracle product.


  1. Fly zipper kit: This is one from our shop but it's a classic! If you're making jeans, we've already sourced all the bits that make them look and feel professional. Nickel, brass or copper finishes! Custom jeans!
  2. Zippers: I love these kooky zippers! If you're making our Blanca Flight Suit, these would totally rock.
  3. Tabitha Sewer buttons: If you're looking for special buttons, this is the place. So much cute.
  4. Kylie and the Machine fabric labels: I think these have been in our gift guide for 5 years running but these new fabric content labels are genius! Such a lovely way to remind yourself not to throw something in the dryer.
  5. Hand-dyed wool: There is a lot of special wool out there, but the colourways on the skeins in this shop are just the absolute prettiest.
  6. Tailoring Kit: Another of our staple kits! The tailoring kit for our Jasika Blazer is a great add on if you are getting our speed tailoring course. Treat yourself to an immersive project over the holidays and start 2021 in the blazer of your dreams! 


  1. Zero Waste Sewing by Elizabeth Hayword: We are a big fan of the idea of zero waste sewing and this is a great book to start with if you're looking to try it. 
  2. The Chiffon Trenches by Andre Leon-Talley: Andre-Leon Talley has had a fascinating life in fashion working with just about everyone in the business and he is here to tell us about it. I'm all ears!!
  3. Jane Austen Embroidery by Bachelor & Larkin: These are pretty and timeless motifs to add to just about anything. Maybe while watching the new Emma or some Downton Abbey?! Regency!
  4. Journeys in Natural Dyeing by Christine Vejar: This was a great resource for us while we were putting together our dyeing series. Super comprehensive, yet approachable techniques.
  5. Figure of Speech by Virgil Abloh: The fashion director for Off-White as well as artistic director at Louis Vuitton since 2018, Virgil Abloh is the first African American to be the head of a French Haute Couture house. This catalogue outlines the many projects and collaborations that have shaped his career and transformed fashion as we know it.


  1. Embroidery kit: Whether you want a starter embroidery project to frame or to add a little jazz to a boring t-shirt this little lobster kit is the cutest. 
  2. Rubber stamping kit: All of the kits from this Spanish brand Textures Factory are really beautiful. They look easy enough for a kid but chic enough for us big kids to enjoy too.
  3. Indigo Dyeing kit: This is from a Canadian dyeing school Maiwa that also has a shop. They also just started their first online classes so go check it out if you want to get into dyeing or ink making?? Sounds cool.
  4. DIY Leather wallet kit: I absolutely love this design for a flat wallet by the shop Nikki + Mallory. There is also a digital pattern for some cute gladiator sandals and leather remnant sales!
  5. FAO Swartz loom: I suppose this is for kids but I think it is gorgeous! I would love to practice my weaving skills and use up some scrap wool and yarn on this little bad boy.
  6. Paint Your Own Wooden Earrings kit: How fun would this be to do on a lazy afternoon?? I love the 80's shapes of the earring bases and that would be such a pretty palette of colours to play with. How old am I??

I hope that gets your wheels turning for some gift ideas! I plan on getting a few projects together, a couple of puzzles and endless cups of hot chocolate to get me through this weird season. I hope you find some joy, some rest and some making adventures!

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